GDT: Blue Bombers @ Tiger-Cats July 26th!

Will Matt Nichols continue to be Mr. Efficiency in tomorrow’s game? Will Andrew Harris be able to shake off enemy tacklers on a field doubling as a Donut Box? Will Darvin Adams break free for a maple cream donut under the stands?

How about the Tiger-Cats? Will they be viewing this one as a statement game? And where will Jeremiah Masoli find enough balls to distribute to all those hungry Receivers? Could he lose some to the poaching contingent commonly referred to as Defensive Backs?

Tune in tomorrow evening! This one could well turn out to be a high scoring affair.

Extremely well said! :wink:

Very pumped for this one tonight!

Many think this could be a Grey Cup match up. 8)

…Cup preview???long way to go to predict that BUT that old rivalry still exists for a lot of fans…Grant/Trimble days…one heckuva past these two clubs have with each other…Go Bombers

Really looking forward to this game. Just hope both teams show up with their best tonight.

Agreed. Would be a shame to see this much (well-earned) hype wasted.

Oh, good, a live mic game. ::slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t mind them as much as I mind the announcers talking over it (or vice versa) to the point neither can be heard. Throw in a ref announcing a penalty and and the split screen of some player talking to his buddy on the sideline and radio suddenly becomes a better option.

OK. The black pants look absolutely ridiculous.

Are we ballet dancers or did we suit up in surplus SCUBA suits?

I’ll get ready for the “Who the hell cares?” comments.

Quick 14-point lead for the Cats.

I’m still amped to see what big plays Banks and Whitehead can come up with.

Bombers coming out slugish…hopefully they can settle down and get back in this.

Good to see him walking off on his own.

Yes indeed. Big relief for Cats fans if he can get back in there.

Masoli should grow a mullet and rock it like dunagan did in the 90s

…how can that be a catch?

If Evans can “manage” the game and lead the team to at least one TD, the Cats will win.

I was out so had to PVR the game, but I’m just 5 minutes in and if I hear Rod Black call Banks “Speedy B” one more time I’m going to drive an ice pick through my ear drums. How does this moron still have a job??

More importantly why does TSN have to ruin what is potentially the game of the round?? Rod Black and Duane Forde, live mic which means split screen and missed plays…it’s almost like the CFL and TSNwantsto kill their ratings.

Cats hanging tough through three quarters, with Evans doing more than an admirable job filling in.
Plus they are now driving.
I like their chances to win.

So far tonight Evans looks good for the Cats, I am thinking a one for one swap for my desperate Argos, MBT for Evans…please.

Zero chance he plays again this season.

Is it that bad?

Awful news. We need our star QBs healthy and playing. :frowning: