GDT: Blue Bombers @ Stampeders October 19th!

LeoVegas has the Calgary Stampeders favoured by 7. Do they have it right? Or will Chris Streveler and Andrew Harris have more of a say in the outcome than these Vegas fellows anticipate?


…shut down the bomber run game…simple game plan…difficult to execute…

Streveler is at best a mediocre passer who, if the Stamps can shut down Harris, will have to rely heavily on his own running. That kind of one-man show won’t be enough to win in Calgary.

Go Bombers!

Very exciting game so far. The Bombers seem to be finding some swagger again heading into the playoffs

BBs certainly have been giving the Stamps a run for their money and held on to their lead for a while. Stamps often seem to find a way to win though. And WPG is starting to lose some key players here.

Where is everybody today. Back from Ticat game and no commentary on this board. Exciting tough game here.

If Streveler has serious injury Wpg. season over.

Is that the refs cheating on behalf if Calgary again?

Been rooting for the 'Peg. Don’t want Stamps to have a home game in the Cup.

That makes sense - especially for the Ticats who will be representing the east! :wink:

They could be in tough unless Collaros can come it and light it up but he’s barely had time to learn the offense. However Strev is back on the field but one has to wonder if his mobility might be limited or hampered in some way

He’s baaaack…

Yup but definitely limping around out there so not entirely healthy which can hamper his game.

Yeah. Feeling the Bombers own third.

Surprise, surprise the horses hang on to win - just.


Holy shit. Just finished watching and there has been some brutal calls in The Stamps favor all game…critical calls too…

No way they should have let Strev take those last plays looking like he did.
I’m pissed off…but at the same time, anytime we’ve lost at their house and had to come here we’ve answered back. I expect the same soon.

Yes I didnt expect the Bombers to win in Calgary. Put up a solid fight. Winnipeg is 7-1 at home so I think they win next week. Likely won’t be enough though as I doubt the Stamps lose in Calgary.

Are you sure BLM wasn’t whining about the calls going the BBs’ way? :wink: ::slight_smile: Good luck against them next week. They’re a tough team to play back-to-back - just ask the Tabbies who’ve done it a time or two and haven’t won in Calgary in over a decade! :o :frowning:

The stamps get a few of those bs calls in their favour on a weekly basis. Last week it was an overturned fumble by command that shouldnt have happened. Ultimately that was the difference in the game.

They had multiple obvious offsides (which went for big plays or PI calls against us).
They had that brutal RTP call where we sacked BLM, but no its a 1st down at a critical time in a critical spot. That right there was the game.

Couldn’r stand suits jerking off about the Stamps all game and any time the Bombers did something he was quiet. What a douchebag.