GDT: Blue Bombers @ Stampeders November 10th!

Well this is it! After a long, hard eighteen game grind, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will journey to Calgary to play the Stampeders for a quarter of the marbles.

Whether Bomber QB Chris Streveler is capable of seeing action remains in doubt. Eric Rogers is out for the Stamps.

LeoVegas has installed the Stampeders as 5.5 point favourites. Do you agree?


Frozen Home Field advantage for CGY in this one

I’ll call 24-10 CGY
Would love to see Collaros do well in this game but with limited prep time it will be tough.

Winnipeg has had a week off knowing they would most likely play the Stamps. If there’s an upset in the making I think it’s here.

Bombers in a nail biter

I think Calgary will take it.
Be nice to see Collaros pull it off though.
Calgary by9

I see the Bombers Stamps GDT on top of the list and immediately rush to turn on the TV for the game… You got me

Score Prediction is CGY 34-32 WPG, with one late call going against the Bombers, sending all Winnipeg fans into a rage at the officials

It will be close but Bombers with a late score to win. They kick butt the next game

Well it looks like the Bombers will be coming on down to Saskatchewan next week. Gotta say I didnt see this beat down coming in this game.

You can think of it as a preview ?

…couldn’t say this after the game with the site being down and all but Winnipeg earned that victory lock, stock and barrel…BLM had his worst game at the worst time sure, and his receivers didn’t compensate, but hands-down the bombers were the better team and deserved that win 100%…congrats!

This was one of the best games involving a 2 QB system since the 70’s, when Barton & Theismann did it for us in what 1971.
Paul Lapolice is a genius as the OC in the way he used Collaros for the pass and Streveller to run.
I cannot remember the last time on the same team that one QB lead in the passing and the other in running.
I would definitely make a run for Lapo as our HC instead of O’Shea.
He is a visionary, has his QB’s playing exciting and systems within their capabilities.

You aren’t going to be the beneficiary of a final week bye this time around.

Playing a ‘play off’ game in -17 is absolute BS!!
No one can play to the highest level of performance in that kind of cold.

Having said that, Winnipeg came in fired up and Lapol did his magic.
Last time the Bombers came to Regina they were fired up and the Riders were lucky to win that game (Labor Day)

If the Riders hit the field rested and loose they will probably will not win…Winnipeg is HUNGRY and FIRED UP, the Riders had better realize what kind of team they have to beat, Not to mention Lapol’s ability to make significant and effective adjustments throughout the game…Like the fourth quarter against Calgary
Going to be more then a tough game

Some odd coaching decisions by Dickie Boy in that game.

  • Challenging (and losing) an illegal block on a routine (14-yard) catch early in the 3rd quarter could have blown up in his face, but luckily didn’t…I don’t think.

  • 3rd and one in the red zone (with Ante Litre on your team) and lining in up in shotgun to throw a pass, something that hadn’t been working most of the day and didn’t here?

I have a feeling too, that we won’t be seeing the monochrome red unis brought out again anytime soon. :wink:

What exactly is wrong about playing a playoff game in actual weather? This is Canada… sometimes it gets cold in November. It’s not about playing to the highest possible level, it’s about playing to the higher level in whatever conditions the game is in. Adapting to the weather is part of what makes football great, in Canada or even the United States.

Well we’ll agree to ‘disagree’
The CFL league is a Passing game as has been stated consistently, imo the cold seriously limits that part of the game hence not providing the full entertainment value.
As far as fans are concerned providing top quality product where all aspects of the CFL game are on display (including effective passing and receptions is what I as a fan pay money for.
It is about playing to the highest possible level.
Start the season earlier and the situation goes away

I see that Bo Levi Mitchell hails from just outside of Houston and attended Eastern Washington University. Has he ever played in colder weather? Can you remember any other games that he’s played in bitter biting cold? Do you think he may not adapt as well to frigid cold as a CFL QB should?


What!!! All play-off games should be played in bitter biting cold! It’s the Canadian way, and very good at separating the men from the California boys.


Altough the CFL is a passing League, playing in sh*t conditions will only push everyone to their last limits and force everyone to be over the «over the top» bar. The show will surely suffer at first, but at the end, seeing both teams play like beasts is satisfactory. cc: Grey Cup 2017 and Eastern finale 2016

1975 Grey Cup Game

Edmonton Eskimos 9 Montréal Alouettes 8

Real football! The game-time temperature in Calgary was -15 degrees Celsius with a 25 kilometre-per-hour wind.

The temperature though didn’t seem to bother the young woman who was streaking (but not quite since she was partially clad) during the coin toss:


Not just Canada. Play a playoff game in Green Bay, Minnesota, New York, Denver, etc and you probably have similar conditions.

Coldest CFL game ever played?

Could be! Dunno.