GDT: Blue Bombers @ Roughriders September 1st!

So can the Winnipeg Blue Bombers continue their winning ways without both Matt Nichols and Andrew Harris?

Or will they be toast in Regina on Sunday because the Roughriders are really and truly that good?


Or is winnipeg missing too many key pieces for this to be a fair evaluation?

The poll’s question though deals with just this weekend’s game. It’s not intended to be a question regarding the relative overall quality of the two clubs.


29 Years and counting with that excuse.

Yup…Rider Nation guilty again!

Split is the hopefull outcome…then give them hell in a few weeks

Lots of ugly blue jerseys in downtown Regina tonight.

Well if their players would stop cheating it wouldn’t be an issue.

finally finally finally.

under 11 hrs till kick off.

I am going thru serious withdrawals

A Friday and a Saturday without any football during football season oughta be illegal.

Truth. I’ve been staring at the wall for almost seven days now waiting for more CFL action.


just sprucing the place up a little 8)

Troy Westwood chimes in

Suck it!

Great to see Bomber nation make the trek to Regina for the game. Here’s hoping this tradition only grows over the years, and Rider fans return the favour next week

Man but Moncrief is having a season. . .

Agreed. Fortunately NCAA season began a full schedule yesterday so that somewhat filled the void. Always fun to preview the next generation of CFL stars

And so is Willie Jefferson . . .

A little disheartening to turn on the main TSN network for the game and to be greeted with early round women’s tennis at the U.S. Open.

That should have been moved to one of the other channels while the football game
Should have been on the main network.

Cmon TSN

not a great punt, now the penalty.

Terrific defence by both teams so far. . . man I’m loving this.

It’s disheartening here in the US when one of its owners, ESPN, is pushing the same with X-games and other BS on its regular channels and the game on its Plus racket.

This is not an accident and has been going on especially in the last 5 years, and it’s all the more reason for the CFL to divvy up its rights next time and not delegate the airing schedule to TSN and affiliated firms like this.

More on that is in the scheduling thread.