GDT: Blue Bombers @ Roughriders October 5th!

So can Chris Streveler start hitting some downfield receivers and put up some passing numbers to rival his rushing numbers? Or will the game tomorrow be entirely in the hands of the Bomber Defence?

Are the Riders really improved with Jordan Williams-Lambert starting ahead of Emmanuel Arceneaux? How will this switch impact the existing chemistry Cody Fajardo has built up with his posse of receivers?

We’ll know by late tomorrow evening I guess.


The Riders didnt bring back JWL. To be on the one game IR for the rest of the season.
After 3 weeks & the last 3rd of the season of 5 or 6 games left. Its time him and Farjaedo to get to know each other.
He hasnt played in a month since NFL TC.
So he is rested , fresh, proven as a CFL stud Receiver and he is yung.
Its a nice problem to have too many receivers. Especially fresh ones. They got a first rate starting rec in a trade with Edm in a trade for a return specialist & he hasnt been able to get into the lineup in over a month since the trade.

As for Strevler and Andrew Harris teams have figured it out. Not only are they stacking the box with. Teams are making sure their DEs are keeping contain. & a spy LB on D can spy on them both
Expect Sollie to be that guy.
The Bombers are surelyba running team to the Max with Strevler at QB and Harris at RB.
Lapo and the Bombers O are going to have to get both Demski & Johnny Augustine MUCH more involved in the running game. Whether its a bubble screen or a pitch. Anything to get outside containment & putting those two in open space

Streveler had way more passing yards than rushing yards in the game last week against Hamilton and it didn’t do them any good. Of course a lot of those yards came in garbage time too.
If teams have been watching what the Als did in the second half and what the Ticats did in last week’s game, they’ll know how to slow down that rushing. Of course that doesn’t mean that the BBs won’t try to come up with an alternate plan but running with the ball is definitely Streveler’s strong suit. Should be an interesting game.

Dull game so far…and before anyone says “Its a defensive game!”…yaya, I like those too, but outside a few plays its been pretty boring.

Have to agree - think I nodded off for a few minutes there - or most of the second quarter. Don’t mind a defensive game but it’s nice to see a bit of a break out on offense from time to time.
Streveler is trying to stretch the field a bit but isn’t showing a lot of accuracy on the deep ball.

Not much emotion for the Bomber O…not liking the playcalls last couple weeks.

Amazed CF wasn’t more hurt after hitting the bench there

How the hell was that hit on Strev not a penalty?

Needed points there…

Probably not a wise decision by him. Sometimes these gunslingers are too fearless for their own good.

…impressive pick there

Too bad for the blue - a promising drive snuffed out there by a pick near the end zone.

Season is going down the tank…sucks right now.

Many were so high on Streveler when he had early success last season, but he’s shown he still has lots to learn, especially when it comes to the passing game. Defense can’t do it all - need some offensive production unless the D is doing some of the scoring.

Looks like I put the wrong Green receiver in my fantasy lineup this week - used Moore - should have used Evans!

Strev has struggled for sure, bit Lapo’s play calling has been pretty bad too.

Lapo is a smart Coordinator - probably limiting some of his calls to fit Streveler’s skill set. However can’t always rely on YAC to gain FDs and continue to move the ball.

The Bombers barely ran the ball in the 1st half. Playing from behind the entire game doesn’t help, but it was never more than a 1 score game. I was really surprised with the game plan.

I think the Riders had the right game plan. Relied heavily on their ends to play more snaps and added Evans for Geter beefing up the d line. They did a good job mixing up coverage as well



Yea. It worked at first. But Lapo has stuck with the exclusive two man running attack. Strev & Harris.
Teams are onto that.
The RPO isnt gona work wen everyone knows it gona be one of two guys.
DE’s are keeping containment not allowing them to get to the edge.
So teams are able to have one LB to spy both of them.

People thought Matt Nichols was not a good Quarterback. Well their wrong. He was winning games by managing the game with no flashy play. Chris Streveler is 24 and young but not a starter and all though I really like him. And He will be a starter in the future just not right now. Well our season has gone down the tubes and if we didn’t have bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all.