GDT: Blue Bombers @ Roughriders November 17th!

If he is as " injured" as streveler was last week bulldozing the stamps in the second half, i will take it.
Riders win another close one. Not taking bombers lightly, as they just took down the stamps in calgary.

Taking the Bombers because I think they will just build on the momentum of last week and might have finally found a working answer to their QB dilemma.

I don’t get people calling for a blow out. Riders should be favoured and either way it goes it should be a close game.

Normally I’d agree. But he barely practiced. Thats a huge red flag.

There’s still a part of me that wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t play.

Winner hosts Hamilton

So do the Riders fake injuries again to stop the hurry up when Strev comes in?

Someone finally came up with a poll that the Riders didn’t win.

Go Winnipig!
;D :slight_smile:

What’s with the logo at centre field? Looks pretty ugly

All things considered, Riders holding the Bombers to 3 after that fumble is a win for them

Riders offensive just not clicking … they had best pick it up

Now THAT is how you did yourself out of a home in your own end. 66 yard pass plus 15 yard for the roughing the passer flag

Riders wont be winning today … offence and defense didn’t show up

The Riders are daring Collaros to deep them deep and that strategy absolutely backfired on that last drive

riders showing their determination.

riders nation going into silence mode

It’s going to be a blow out loss … riders look horrible on all sides of the ball

Ryan’s playing well. Albeit a bit too much

Riders have been slow starters all year. They need ro stop that

From bad to worse … how do take a time count at home ?

I’d say at the moment the BBs seem to have the momentum and have managed to do a bit more offensively. I have a feeling they might win.
Part of my reasoning is the health of Fajrdo - and he’s taken a few hits so tht’s probably not going to help. Zach is good - WHEN healthy and right now he’s healthy and looking good in spite of his short stint in blue and gold.
Home field SHOULD be an advantage - it was for the Ticats and their black out - especially in Regina but so far it doesn’t seem to be fazing the BBs.

Rider D seems to be stepping up and should be able to keep this close but midway through the second it seems the BB offense is clicking better than the Riders O.

Would be interesting to see 20 year drought vs 30 year drought

How was that pass NOT over the line of scrimmage?