GDT: Blue Bombers @ Roughriders November 17th!

Here it is, the Western Final, the game for half the marbles! The only real questions are whether Chris Streveler and Cody Fajardo will be healthy enough to be fully ready to play.

LeoVegas has installed the Roughriders as 3.0 point favourites. But four out of the six expert analysts on the CFL site are picking the Blue Bombers. Somebody is therefore calling it wrong. But who?


I like being the underdog - as picked by the CFL writers.

Good bulletin board material for the locker room.

Go Riders Go !

Bombers won’t have the luxury of an extra week prep for the Bombers. Collaros throws three picks and Riders d scores twice on route to a 24-13 win. Never underestimate crowd noise for a guy who has only been in the system for three weeks.

Bombers have found their swagger. Riders will under estimate them and pay the price. Will be a great game though.

Bombers by 3.

Riders better hope CF can play & throw because they’ll need him to.

We all know they won’t run the ball well.

Riders run for over 100, Harker goes 72% for 300 yards. Riders 31 Bombers 25.

Including the preseason, the Riders and Bombers split four games this year. Just based on recent results, it seems likely to be a close game.

I predict: W23-S20.

Riders run for 100+ and their chances of winning go up exponentially.
Unlikely to happen though. In the 3 games the biggest single rusher was Powell for 59 yards.
All season the Bombers averaged only low 60’s which was apparently the 2nd lowest in recent memory.

Its going to be can the riders run, and can they stop our run.

Streveler and Fajardo will be healthy enough to play. Sask should win big time.

Even if Fajardo can play, no way he’s 100%. And he’ll need to be to get to the Grey Cup.

Bombers by 8. (Apparently, that’s a blowout.)

Bombers by 11. Fajardo can’t throw, tries, gets picked twice. Leaves game.

Boy are most of you in for a shock!!

Yeah but who is 100% at this point in the season?

You mean Bombers by 20+? ??

As much as i want the riders to win … if they don’t I’d be happy to see zack get a cup shot after being robbed of that chance last year thanks to the cheap shot to the head in the Lions game.

The West division trophy:

Have they already written the Bombers on it for 2019 ??

I too am surprised by how many are picking WPG here, but I’d assume that most neutral fans are picking based on thinking CF isn’t healthy.

I ain’t buying it :wink: