GDT: Blue Bombers @ Eskimos August 23rd!

Yep. Culture of the players comes directly from the coaches.

Best D in the league, proven now 8)

Strevler at less than 100 yards passing, Harris under 100 rushing. In any normal circumstances Winnipeg should be losing.

The rule is that roughing can still be called. Contacting cannot.

Ticats were guilty of roughing.

Get ready for the beat down(s) Riders!

Ah yeah makes sense now. I blame Glen Suitor for misleading me ;D

…put a LB spy on Strev and limit his ability to run, now he’s got to throw dink and dunk passes…

Ya, why didn’t Edm think of that… ???

…they were too busy taking penalties?

Winnipeg is due for their midseason collapse


Eskimos are the most over rated teams in at least 10 years. They have split with Montreal this season and that’s the only .500 team they have beat. I was shocked when everyone on picked the Eskies to win like it was 1st vs last.

I see Edmonton fighting for a playoff spot by the end of the season and possibly missing or playing the crossover.

Yes, will be interesting to see what happens to the Eskies no question. Bombers are still the best in the West at this point even without Nicols at the helm.

When the apparent strategy is settling for field goals and saving the best for after the game, these Eskimos are taking nothing.

This team reminds me of the team with Steven Jyles as QB a few years ago yet far more loaded with talent on offence. The defense can play like that one too, but last night it withered given all its time on the field and no plan against Streveler whom they ought have clobbered.

As a fan this is maddening. So much talent, so much potential, the ability to gain yards all game, yet so few points!

I was so disgusted I turned it off and went to bed once Winnipeg scored its last touchdown. Then I learn somehow that the Eskimos score in garbage time, which made me more angry this morning.

Interesting night because the Eskimos defence had ZERO plan to deal with such a QB who could move it himself.

Of course it did not help that the offensive strategy was to settle for field goals and save their best for after the game. :o

That oversight is on the defensive coordinator, whose head need be chopped after one more such loss.

The offense can be worked on given at least they can move the chains.

Well Lapo came thru using a dual running attack with Harris & Strevler.
Bombers commited to Strevler as #2. So until Nichols can return. Look for much of the same Offensive scheme. Teams may know its coming but can they stop it.
The Bombers however. Are gona have to bring in another QB asap.
Not that said QB will challenge Streveler as the currentbstarter.
But with Nicholas being out at least 4-6 weeks.
The Bombers need a Backup for him. Someone that at least has actually has started & actually has thrown a CFL pass.
McQuire a rookie straight outa the NCAA. hasnt even played a down in the CFL ever.
Should Strevler go down. They are in Huge trouble.
James Franklin looks to be on the Trading block for Argos.
& Brandon Bridge is still sitting at home w/o a team.
Neither of these guys are super studs.
But at least they have played a good chunk of CFL games.
Pickings are very slim.
I cant thing of anyone else that is avsilable with that kinda CFL experience.
Feel free to let me know if they have anyone else they can think of. Cause I surely dont have a clue.

Lapo is a heck of an OC. I would say the best in the league aside from maybe Dave Dickenson

After last nite. The scheme with Strevler was nite and day from the Matt Nichols scheme.
& he did it in less than a week

Bombers better be careful with Strevler though as I can see injuries popping up if he continues to run a bunch, he’s not afraid of contact and that could spell trouble.