GDT: Blue Bombers @ Eskimos August 23rd!

So are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers ripe for the picking now that Matt Nichols is out for at least a month? Will the Edmonton Eskimos exact revenge for their Week 3 loss in Winnipeg? Or will the Blue Bomber Defence come up big and frustrate Trevor Harris and the Eskimos’ high-powered passing game and steal the W?

Stay tuned! The game’s Friday evening.

I’m expecting the Defences to come out big tonight resulting in a low scoring game.


Battle of Alberta?? :wink:

Think the Esks are going to take this one.

Nice one ! ?

Its time for Streveler to shine.
Bombers will win - Eskimos have had weaker competition.

Cheering for the Bombers, but not very confident.

I would expect Esks to win this game at home even if Nichols played.

Blue defence versus Trevor Harris will be the story. If Trevor gets rattled, he falls apart, but if he’s on, game over.

Poll closed too early!

Winnipeg in a landslide, well, at least by 5 or 6.

While I think this game could go either way, I’m giving the slight edge to the home team to even the run for first in the west. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Looking a bit damp in Edmonton - and that’s an understatement!

…he got sandwiched on that second down toss

Just tossed a pick 6 too!

I’d say that Harris is getting just a tad rattled by and riled at the BB D!

X2 ;D ;D

This league is an absolute joke.

Bomber player contacts Medlock on a punt after getting a finger on the ball. After review, no penalty. It was called a penalty on the Ticats earlier this year, and we were told the rule had been changed coming into the season.

This is embarrassing.

Someone doesn’t have the rule right obviously! Cuthbert and Suitor obviously thought it was a penalty and I suspect O’sh did too! Or maybe it’s one rule for the east and another for the west! After all only a player named “Harris” has the slightest chance of taking home the MOP honours at the end of the season! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: Even the panel TOTALLY ignored the east at the start of the game aside from Rod Smith who at least gave the nod to Steinauer for Coach of the Year - oh and Khari Jones got a vote from Stegall I think.

So far home field isn’t an advantage for the EE in this one. Offenses starting to roll a bit but defences have ruled for the most part in the first half.

So is Harris (T) playing a game of “anything you can do I can do better” with that scamper down the field? :wink:

…most penalized team is all on Maas