GDT: Blue Bombers @ Argonauts August 1st!

So will the Winnipeg Blue Bombers simply take out their frustrations from last week against the Argonauts tomorrow? Will Chris Matthews having been given the chance to step into Darvin Adams’ shoes finally live up to the hype he’s generated since he signed with the Bombers?

Are the Argos as hapless as they’ve looked so far this year? Will they be able to get anything going at all against the Bombers? Will S.J. Green finally make a dent on the stat sheet?

Stay tuned! The game’s tomorrow evening.



Definitely not.



Not a chance.

Toronto isn’t just going to defeat Winnipeg. It will be an absolute blowout of epic proportions. The Bombers aren’t even going to want to play out the rest of their schedule after the Argos get done with them. It won’t just be the Argo offence putting points on the board. The defence is going to be returning fumbles and interceptions. Special teams will be bringing back kicks and punts and missed field goals like nobody’s business. The game is going to be so lopsided that it will start up a National discussion about whether or not the CFL should implement a mercy rule. Within the confines of Manitoba, the living will envy the dead.

Then next week, everything will return to equilibrium.

I picked the Argos to win the coin toss.

I see you play fantasy football.



A bold prediction to be sure!


I want one of those pork ciabatta sandwiches, now.

Man that looked good. The crowd? Not so much.

Announcer’s comment about something different going badly for the Argos every game is spot on.

Yes, waiter, I’ll have whatever he’s having.

Poor Argo fans…

I’m not even sure you can pluralize fans. :frowning:

That Arrgos cheer sounds really pathetic now. Sort of like Mwaa mwaa, or a sad trombone.

Yup . All 23 of them .

Blah, the Argos couldn’t stop a mild breeze. What a sieve.

Actually, looks like some more folks have shown up. I’d put it at about 41.

Just as I say that they force a turnover :-/

Man the announcers are really using there golf voices tonight .

The Argos scoring woke them up .

Well at least the Thursday Concert Series has remained consistent!

Another horrendous performance by “Classified.”

I would suggest TSN hire a fourth grade chorus to perform, or maybe someone playing a musical saw. Can’t be worse than what we’ve endured the last 4 weeks in a row.

Oh oh… Popp wants to coach again. :o