GDT: Blue Bombers @ Alouettes September 21st!

haha! What a play to Harris! Better test the man!

Thanks John & Vernon! 4 for 4, 28-10!

They are doing a very good job of it so far midway through the second quarter. Bombers appear unstoppable and that will have Ticat fans wringing their hand all week!

Last I checked my fantasy stats (which will have changed by now) Streveler had 79 yds passing and 79 yds rushing! That’s what you call a “balanced” attack although usually it’s the WHOLE offense not just the QB! :smiley:

Those were just stupid comments by the Als, plain & simple.
Fired up the Bombers

How 'bout that Stanback tho?

Up to 5 TDs now! Poor larks are really getting their feathers ruffled in this one.

Well they need a few more to get within shouting distance now.

Larks need to start catching those jump balls and contestable balls. Time to start hauling them in if they want to have any hope of closing the gap.

Yup, that’ll be a good game…1st place on the line, but teh Cats are much more comfortable in their position of 1st in the East, where as the West every game is huge

True and they did beat Winnipeg earlier in the season on their home turf. A loss certainly won’t be the end of the world for them - and very likely not a threat to their first place standing in the east.

TD for the larks to give them some momentum going into half time. And of course it was Mathews who caught the ball - a little payback to his former team.

Thought that would happen.

Honestly, I like the Als…they’ve used our template and seem Bomber lite.
But I’m loving the beat down after those cocky comments.

Harris 150 yards

Stanback 8

Who’d you rather have?

Well I can say that it’s not the first time the larks have provided bulletin board material for their opponents. Had a few instances with the Ticats maybe five years ago when they weren’t great but still had some life and could be competitive. Made them eat their words a time or two! Bear Woods was one of the chippy ones.

Well either one is good with good blocking - Stanback can go off and be pretty dominant but today I’d take Harris or Streveler (as a RB no less)

They’ve always been a chirpy team…Cox, Sanchez, and many more.
Love it when they get that big stupid foot in their mouth.

Medlock with his “Hajrullahu-like” FG - off the upright! Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? :wink: :smiley: Wonder if he had a bobbled snap too? I see he also has his QB as his holder.

Some questionable head shots by the Als today that haven’t been called.
Better not call us for something similar.

Actually, the refs have let them play. keep it that way.

We’ve used a qb as holder since Dressler. last year it was Brian Bennett.

Not a problem with that as long as they call both teams the same (or not call them)

Heard that the Thursday night NFL game became unwatchable because the refs were calling everything under the sun - but then it can be hard to watch at the best of times!

I thought so too until I looked at the replays frame by frame. The two I looked at were, in fact, not head shots but damn sure looked it in real time. Slight head to head contact after shoulder hit. Angle and proximity are everything on calls like that I think. Refs have the best view.