GDT: Blue Bombers @ Alouettes September 21st!

So will the Blue Bombers suffer a letdown tomorrow after their big Banjo Bowl victory two weeks ago?
Will Andrew Harris be ready and raring to go inMontréal or will he be rusty after his multi-week layoff?

Will Vernon Adams continue to impress with his play? Will William Stanbach finally round back to pre-injury form? Will theMontréal Alouettes keep the heat on the Ticats in the battle for first in the East?

Stay tuned! The game is tomorrow.

Montreal by 12.

it’ll be interesting to see Winnipeg with a real challenge…

they may still be sleeping from the last one.

Montreal has the ability to wake them up right quickly.

Whatever the result it … Als tend to win/lose in last three minutes … so twelve would be unusual

Montreal giving the Bombers lots of bulletin board material in the press today…
Could come back to haunt them.

Really? Do tell…

Oh, wait, they’re not offering a contract to Antonio Brown, are they?

A tough game for the Als. They’re decent against the run and they’ll have to be.
Offence has got to play well for more than 2 quarters.
I can’t take too many more of these down to the wire games.

Brown? Wouldn’t doubt it…

But VAJ apparently told reporters that Stanback is the best back in the league. Bowman also unloaded on the Harris suspension, saying it should have been longer.

Silly to be saying this stuff just a couple days before we meet.

Reap what you sow, Harris gonna run big.

I’m pretty confident the Bombers out rush the Als & once again show the league (VAJ & company) who the best back in the league is.
But I have a feeling Matthews puts up a big game and the Al’s get more passing yards.
After the cocky bulletin board comments from VAJ & Bowman I’d like to see the Bombers come out hard and not even make this close.
we’re going to humble the tweety birds.

No doubt Harris will be focused. I would expect nothing less from someone who is made from 100% Concentrate after all.

Pretty drive so far - way too easy.

A great opening drive for 7

Streveler Run, Streveler Run, Streveler Run… Teams better be watching this!
Mental note

TD’s all day baby! Not the game I was expecting so far…

Streveler is looking better each game.

Thanks John & Vernon!

Dominated that 1st Q…now keep it going all game!

Strev! LOL!

Thanks John & Vernon!

3 possessions, 3 TDs

A big TD for Montreal to stay within reach