GDT: BC @ Winnipeg

Should be a good 1st half - poor weather conditions predicted . . . .

Here’s the pre-game algorithms:

45% chance the Leos lay a minor thrashing on the mighty mutant bombers
20% chance the Leos eke out a last minute or OT win
10% chance the Bombers lay a thrashing on BC
25% chance Bombers eke out a W

80 % chance the Lions will screw this up.

Just keep making the same mistakes .

This is the second most stupid part of the schedule for both teams.

They play each other 2 x in 3 weeks , both games in Winnipeg.

Just makes no logic.

Second only behind the Ottawa schedule.

To bad you won’t be attending the game…

You just learned this? Bit slow on the up tic, son! Of course, you're from parts unknown in Saskassewan!

No I did not just learn this so try to keep up.

Let's say I did just learn this, pretend for a moment which won't be hard for you as you are in dreamland all the time anyway, then so what. You actually think the CFL fan base revolves around your hatred of the game?

So Lyle makes some predictions and you choose to sharpen your teeth and come out scrapping?
With respect, got any input other than you dislike Lyle's post?
Your family all OK?

Best not to even engage with these inter-galactic trolls. This 1 was banned from rider-boards so he's at least 3/4 of his way thru his troll cycle. Typical troll, though - follows the 1st rule of trolling - always deny being a troll! The mods have taken note - this one is on the bulletin board!

You're slipping Nate. I have NOT been banned from riderfans board. Where in the world you came up with this crap is not even relevant as it is out and out not true.

You have been banned and when they had to re-do their site they even welcomed you back (for some odd reason) and that lasted what? 3 days? 1 day?

You, again, have a permanent ban on the foremost CFL forum in the world.

You create your own truths AND you don't even attend games and do nothing but insult the CFL.

I'd say sorry for calling you out but I'm not.

I won't even bother to reply to the rest of the crap you have as the Manitoba Blue Bomber game is on right now I'm sure you're outside walking your cat.

When you figure out what you're talking about let the rest of us know. Nate/Lyle has lured you into his

Terrence Edwards, a treat to listen to that interview. Well done boys at TSN! He was an excellent player. Just never get enough of this.

And, good game! I'd say Lions are toast for this year but who knows.

Yeah a lot of hard hitting and it appears animosity in this game. Been enjoyable watching so far.

Yup, it’s a tough affair out there for sure.

Lights out for the Lions, the Peggers are real legit contenders for Lord Grey's mug this year, the real deal. Well they have to get by Calgary, a minor point. :wink:

As Duane just said though, the Bombers do have all phases of the game to do it.

Wally, time to give up the reigns.

Bombers are over-whelming a poorly coached and quarterbacked Lions squad.

That said, Bombers are staggering to the finish line!

Down Dressler for perhaps the season, now Dar Adams, Nichols is picking up nicks, Wild is gone for year, Westerman, too.

Whoever comes into Wpg for Western semi - I'd actually favour, not by 15 or 20 but perhaps 2 to 5 pts.

Bomber offense looks sickly. One punt return TD, one pick 6 by Heath.

That said, a home playoff game will attract a near sellout - perhaps 30 to 31,000! Great for team finances win or lose.

P.S. Is it my imagination or does Medlock's leg look weaker in the 2nd half of the season?

Better offer Terrance Edwards a contract while he's still in town.
That looked like Mo Leggett blew out his ACL catching that onside kick. :frowning:

Mr. Style, you have issues. :-*

Ya, the outcome of this game had nothing to do with two teams playing stifling DEFENCE.

The sign of a good team is still being able to win in spite of current injuries.

Even Lyle should be impressed with this one.

Although he won't admit it.

Lyle is a Bomber fan right ?

Kinda hard to tell sometimes.

My name is Lyle B. Style - NOT Rah Rah Lemming. Of course, I've got issues - I'm a bomber fan. And to top it off - I'm a realist.

The 11 wins to date - FANTASTIC. probably end up with 12 wins and 2nd place in west with a nice home playoff date!

But to ignore the realities of injuries:

  • Westerman gone for season
  • Dressler very fragile, might come back for 1 game, who knows
  • Nichols getting hammered every 3rd or 4th dropback
  • Darwin Adams, possible serious shoulder injury
  • Ian Wild, team bluffing on his return, probably gone for year, just like last year
  • Mo Leggat, injured after recovering an on-side kickoff, after a dirty Lion kicked his leg
  • Tim Flanders, out indefinitely
  • feeble Canadian WR depth, average starters
  • diminished power in Medlock's leg

Looks like Mike Reilly's Esks are gonna chase the bombers to the ends of the earth for 2nd in West. Regina should become the crossover and play Toronto in the eastern semi - at least 40% chance of winning in Toronto!

Sorry for the realism! RAH_RAH>RAH

That was sick. Should hire Edwards & Ringless Milt to catch Nichols darts last couple games. No Canadian WRs in reserve - Lankford & Isiah Washington not really top flight American receivers - Nic Denmark is at least 32. Spells TROUBLE