GDT: BC @ Winnipeg

Yes, they do have the final word. Even if the word is wrong. :thdn:

All I know is what I saw. The ball came out before his knee hit the ground.

OK, it will just give the Lions extra motivation next week.

All they have to do is win by 3 and they will have the 2 game season series tie break.

Not to worry, they will win by much more than 3. :smiley:

Whether his knee was down or not or when the ball came out matters because they rightly or wrongly blew the whistle which killed the play pre-fumble in my opinion.

I'm not going to argue penalties or calls anymore because when it's over, it's over, but I also thought I heard a whistle to end the play and then all the pushing and fumble happened.

Even if all was wrong with the call and the refs made a mistake, it's nice that after all this time some things are going our way. It's been a long time since we got some breaks.

How long do you let someone stand there with two guys holding him up ? What is the right amount of time ? Would the BC Lions fans be screaming blood murder if there was no whistle and Harris broke free and ran for a big gain or a TD ? I think so !!......Too many IFs. The game is over.

Agreed Dan :thup: It was a helluva game yesterday ,highly entertaining and sets up a beauty rematch next week that will most likely decide who gets 2nd in the wild West and a home field playoff game this year. Oh and just for the record for what it's worth (and believe me it ain't worth much ) being impartial I thought that it was a fumble but nonetheless even if it was there was still no guarantee that the Lions would have punched it in for a game winning TD anyway. People conveniently forget that on a 3rd and short previous to this that the Lions got stuffed and stopped by a great play by Leggett. The score at the time was 37-33 Bombers so a FG wasn't going to do it for the Lions , they needed seven and nothing less.

I also have to agree that it's been a long ,long time since you Bomber fans have had a season like this. It's long overdue and personally for me the Bombers have been one of the funnest teams to watch this season (except for the two times you played my Cats this year :cry: )

Now with all that being said and all how's about you and yer Bombers when yer done with the Lions do me and my Cats a huge favour and wipe out those TWOCOLOURS back to back to finish off yer season on a really high note. :rockin: :smiley:

In this video, Harris's knee is clearly not down and he still has forward momentum.
What this clip does not show is if his butt is making contact with the field before the ball is loose, because the frame cuts it off.
IMHO video review is doing much,much more damage to the game than it is doing good.
Almost every game now has multiple questionable review calls, even after they took the free call away that the coaches were abusing.
Did anyone notice that the best part of that game was the last 10 minutes after the coaches ran out of challenges?
It's kind of telling isn't it!
Outstanding game, one for the ages, and all everyone can talk about is the video review. :roll:

BC receivers (especially 1 guy) ripped balls out of the air - often in extremely tight coverage. But I agree Dan - the Richie Hall defense seems to be a reverse umbrella - too often are guys open by 3 to 5 yds - TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, unless the bomber defenders are more hobos than pro ballers - the other alternative is awful coaching; how many yds did Jenny ring up on them yesterday? 500+

While it can be argued that this was a fumble, and the TSN panel all thought it was and more or less hinted at "what's a fumble?", in the NFL these days there are some questions as to what is a catch.

Jay Gruden: I don’t know what a catch is, I don’t know if anyone does

[url=] ... yone-does/[/url]

.....Great game....back and forth...The CFL needs more games like this one....B.C. fans won't see it that way cuz they can't get over a 'supposed' fumble...Just like I can't get over a 'supposed' catch by Arcenault who was juggling the ball all the way out of bounds...IF (ruled otherwise) that play by Harris was a fumble....that was no bloody catch...Anyway on to the next one on the coast...Battle for second shaping up :wink:

I gather you have a lot of problems you must deal with every hour of the day. It must really make your life an awful hell.

He definitely has some old axes to grind, too bad he couldn't just let it go.

Well if you had a 96" 4K you would have been able to see he was down. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Jake was looking it on an old 13 inch B&W Casio using rabbit ears.

"Well if you had a 96" 4K you would have been able to see he was down. :slight_smile:"

Ok that is pretty funny, but TSN does not broadcast CFL games in 4K yet.

Not a fan of either team. Actually I found it quite funny when Wally lost his sit about the fumble not getting called. Man King Wally is going to go all King ApeSit on the head office. Will be last bad call against BC this season.

Wow - the command centre messed this one up.

Sorry W - but you got away with one.

....command centre messes a lot up....we know we have several league apologies to prove it :wink:

.....You have to wonder why Lyle..( surprise..I like a lot of his stuff) goes on and on about Bomber management ...Ever since Lyle Bauer he's been on a crusade to crucify anyone resembling the Bomber higher echelon... It was reported he once called out Lyle Bauer to a 'gum fight' but Lyle E. didn't show... :roll: I know he has a lot of nic names for individuals....some of them are pretty funny...(here's a classic when talking about the rider management that I like personally...'vice president of standing around')...Morris is a funny guy sometimes but his penchant for 'gunning' for Bomber management is getting old...especially now that they're seeing a little success....To sum up...'Put away the axes Lyle" and get back to supporting the team you grew up with.. the Winnipeg Blue Bombers''ll feel better. :wink:

Whistles get blown not only to reflect a lack of forward progress but also to protect the ball carrier when he’s vulnerable…officials’ first priority is, and always has been, “protect the players”.

Except the whistle was blown well after the ball came out.

Oh well, the league has issued their statement explaining the ruling, stating that there wasn't indisputable evidence that the ball came out before Harris was down, so the replay official couldn't override the on-field call. Had he seen indisputable evidence of that, B.C would have been given the ball where they recovered it.

Time to get better equipment in the Command Centre. Or perhaps a better set of eyes.

2nd time the Bombers are gift wrapped a win in the last minute by a brutal call by the command centre. Yesterday & the LDC in Regina.

How about the pass that was ruled in bounds when the receiver was clearly on the white line ?
How about last year when the ref's made a mistake causing the Bombers a game vs Calgary. Just the way it goes. Why did BC sleep through the 1st quarter?? if they didn't piss away the 1st quarter the game the game wouldn't of come down to a coin flip.

So are you saying that when a running back is being held up and the offensive lineman come in a "push" the pile forward 2-3 yards, the ball should be placed back to where he was stood up?