GDT: BC @ Winnipeg

Way to flush the season down the toilet boys! Nice steal technique by Lions!

No more handoffs boys.

Just kneel and kill most of the clock - then concede the 2 pts with some run-off in the endzone.

Kick off with 5 or 6 left on the clock!


How could they not see that is a fumble.?

Refs in the CFL need to be better when it comes to the obvious stuff.

F**K this BS.

What happens if this happens in the play-offs or Grey Cup ?

Enjoy your free moment Bombers. Your asses are getting blown out next week.

I can see the on-field officials thinking he was down before the ball came out. But the replay official? This just confirms yet again that he's blind.

The league has some serious explaining to do, especially as the announcement said that the ruling on the field was confirmed rather than insufficient evidence to overturn it.

Wow, couldn't believe that call, replay clearly showed he wasn't down, not even close. By my count that is at least 2 wins gifted to the Bombers this year. I really can't see Wally not making a stink about that call.

The CFL review booth has to be better to keep any credibility!!

His knees were down but his torso was just off the ground . Very close . Next week should be fun !

I think the CC has already lost any credibility. I was a big proponent of reviews but they seem to get it wrong more than they get it right so I now think it's really of no benefit to the game.

How can his knees be down when he is moving with his back to the line of scrimmage......and falling forward (backwards)...look at the play again

Bad call but then again there has been many this year

The Lions clearly stripped Harris of the football before he was down - also didn't hear a whistle blow when Harris was being held up like a marshmallow on a stick!

O'Shea actually out thought himself by handing off to a RB and risking a stripping - he thought he needed to kill all the clock - didn't realize two 19 second kneel downs that take 2 sec. each would have killed off 43 of remaining 49 seconds.

Then snap to dressler - let him run around the endzone like a field mouse and kill remaining 5 to 7 seconds - even with 1 sec. left on clock - BC only gets one shot at a 75 yd TD.
Funny how the too much time penalty is applied with no time left on clock. You lose a down - which in BC's case - 1 second left - wasn't a penalty cuz they were in 1st down mode.

You should lose a down and 5 yards if you want equitable application of the too much time rule!

....Harris's leg was down before that football came out... Because Rod Black called the play and said it was out does not a fumble make...Sure is a lot of pro leo fans on here...Including Lyle... :lol: :lol: ..AND IF we want to go back on calls thought to be about an obvious horse caller on Dressler going out of bounds...missed...A Bomber special teams guy face masked and rode into the ground on one of Rainey's returns....A bullShit pi call on Manny Areneaux....Shall we go on...The refs. miss a lot of calls and they even out...Beyond all of that a great game...back and forth and the right team won :stuck_out_tongue:

When his forward progress has been halted it's a dead ball, that's why they blew the whistle, not because he was down by contact.

Bob "Knuckles" Irving just announced crowd of 24,200 - less than last game!
That's almost 10,000 empties - and it doesn't look great on TV to be sure!

Probably only 20,000 in the stands with a large number of no-show shunners - and hundreds turning their back on the game - parking themselves in the Rum-Hut or other imbibing centres.

...It didn't matter anyway pigseye...Harris's leg was down (not picked up by the camera) because it was focused on the ball coming out (and Rod jumping up and down saying that it was) and opposite of the shot that would've shown Harris's knee on the ground...I'm sure the command centre picked that up...Game over..Nice try Lyle :thdn:

Uh I missed that, thanks papa, makes all the whining on here all but moot.

People forget the Bombers started 1 - 4 and are 8 - 2 since, but still won't give credit where's it's due.

24k is pretty good for a saturday afternoon. bombers shoot themselves with stupid scheduling.... also wpg is a town that enjoys watching games at home like most usa cities it seems. unless its a big game.

you can watch the games on tv so thats what they do for a game saturday afternoon on thanksgiving weekend.

Says who??

He was upright. His bum clearly had not touched the ground when the ball was loose. I watched it 10x on a 59" high def screen with multiple angles.

.........The command centre who ruled different....I'll accept that verdict as they are the final word....

...because they've never been wrong before. 8)

Regardless the outcome, this was a helluva game.... We need to shore up our pass coverage. I wonder if they are worried about PIs being called. Randle especially was beat a few times and it hurt. I think we should cover tighter and to hell with the PI calls because guys are having a field day against us. Glad we won. Next week will be a burner.

It was a very close call and could have gone either way and too close to overturn. To me it was more Harris' forward progress had been halted, play dead at that point.