GDT: BC @ Winnipeg

Or afternoon game as it is - either starts at 4:09 or 3:09 Winnipeg time, can't find exact time in the media.

Weather will temper the potential walk-ups (weak at the best of times at the new isolated IGF)

BC has some new players, a new kid named Palmer making his o-line debut. Bombers have Andrew Harris slotting back in - he's still nicked but game to go - how far remains to be seen - that's why they're dressing Red Flanders, their import RB.

IGF is where people go to drink their troubles away - not watch fall football!

.....Ah c'mon Lyle, that's not even brisk for Peggers as far as the temp. goes....Now the boys from down south or the domed lotus land might have a few probs....BUT the locals won't have a problem who come to watch...especially with the rum hut not far off and the stuff brought in the friskers miss :wink: ...I think we'll see a good game....gun slinger vs. ball hawks...should be a good one..

Never seen BC look so bad. Time to finish some yard work as this game is horrible

So far (almost halftime) the ball hawks are outdoing he gun slinger. Did BC forget that the game is played in Central Time NOT Pacific?? Or are they still trying to get warm?? Although they might be starting to come to life Still a half to play.

Lets Go Lions.


Sorry, trying to do the Crazy P drum thing.

Whatever, regardless of how this game turns out, the end of it will only be like a half time.

2 games back to back in a total point season series tie breaker, means game 1 is only half time.

Leos have just about evened the score as they begin the second quarter then! :smiley: :wink: Rather an empty looking house for Winnipeg though - at least in some places .

Just came in - first thing I hear is total clock panic from Rod Black - jeez this guy doesn't know you've got 20 sec. to get the play off - his panic attack was with 7 ticks left on Lions clock!!!

Rich Hall's Helpless Men secondary getting ravaged for all they're worth. Doesn't help the bombers don't have much of a pass rush!

1986 was the last year the east played a 2 game total point series, Hamilton Tiger Cats over Toronto Argonauts.

After getting up 24-3 the wheels have fallen off for the big blue.

Looks like there's a solid 21,000 to 22,000 on hand with a 1000 or more deciding to forego their tickets.

Even some of Wad Miller's "Deplorables" aren't coming out - cuz its no fun when there's not a full house to pull off acts of stupidity and drunkenness.

Once BC assumes the lead they'll never let go.

Nichols will be lucky to drive for another pair of FGs or maybe one more late TD. Just not enough power, speed & discipline on bombers.

When you have inferior talent you try to compensate with poor discipline!

Mike O'Shea trying to compete with Graham Delaet in the longest beard contest.

O'Shea still proud of his under-powered charges - they're still in the game and even with a loss they'll still stand 8-7. No room for panic in the coach's room - just everywhere else!

At this point Corky's riders are definitely better than O'Shea's group of mopes!

Even losing out the bombers would finish 8-10. It would take a Trumpian like conspiracy to see 3 eastern teams finish with 8 or more Ws.

I can see the 1st place eastern team with 8 wins.
2nd place with 7 and 3rd placer with 6 or 7..........

going for a two straight road victory at BMO via TDP.

Now I know who O'Shea with the big beard reminds me of - Larry "The Ax" Henning from Robinsdale, Minnesota - who was an AWA rassler of renown - father of Mr. Perfect, the late Curt Henning!

This thread is useless with posts revolving around the football game itself. BC Lions are ahead of Winnipeg 33-30

Just shows the Lions are the better team

2 min. left for Jenny to bury the bombers.

That's 1:40 more than Bo Levi had

Wally didn’t think Osh was gonna accept that penalty!