GDT: BC @ Montreal

Could be a good one. Lions seen as CFL elite. Als have lots to prove!

First time this season Rotten Roddy reunited with his old bunk-mate Duane Forde!

What a great start by BC. It's like BC are a step ahead of Montreal even before the ball is snapped.

BC is all over the larks.

Darian & the larks fighting their way back into the match.

I really like what Ambrosie is saying - he's funny, articulate and fully jacked about CFL.

Its a little thing but I really appreciate how he stopped talking while the play went on - in deference to the guys on the field, the ones that count.

Thought Rot & Duane were a bit miffed - but then they realized what was happening. Little thing but sometimes its the little things that are special.

His short comments on Coach Ron - classic!!!

Normally I would say a sure win for the Lions.

However, the Lions never play well at Molson , so .............


Defences beginning to rule the day here after that initial BC drive. Teams moving the ball some but not enough to score.

Good Lord what is this 10 minutes of Ryan Phillips? :roll: Shut up already guys!

Montreal definitely ended the half strong!

Durant had a couple real strong drives.

Ambrosie sounds like he's excited about the opportunity. Good on 'em!

Never understood why broadcasters make a big deal out of players going up against their former clubs. :roll:

Cmon Lions , turn it on already.

D is ok, but the highly promoted O needs to get going.

It is well know the Lions do not play well at Molson, but did not see this coming. :roll:

Come on durant let's take over n ow

Still a ton of Durant mopes in Saskatchewan that cheer his every move. He's their default go-to guy after they finish lemming up for their hometown squad

They have to have a "story line" to yak about! :smiley: :roll:

I have to say that I expected more scoring by the Leos by this point in the game.

Interception or not? Egregious enough - or not? That is the question. Wally wins that one - otherwise he would have lost his remaining time out.

JJ and JJ on the move - TD coming up?? Not quite.

BC Question: Is it true that Lulay's arm is shot? How long has that been the case? Can anyone elaborate?

TD for BC aided by a costly larks DPI

Don't like El Chapo's offense in the red zone. While Jacques by the first coach fired this season? :cowboy:

Only other possible candidates would be Shovelface in Hamilton, Corky in Sask'n - and them guys have long-term guaranteed contracts!

weak ass penalty calling back that beauty interception and run!

now montreal gets a td.


His shoulder has been surgically repaired at least once, probably twice!
The elasticity and extension he had earlier in his career have disappeared.

Still a big gamer - but without the threat of the accurate bomb-ball he's best stealing game cheques as 2nd OC/QB coach. Future OC or head coach in the league to be sure - maybe an OC in less than 2 yrs.