GDT: BC @ Hamilton

In days of yore this was as big as it got.

Willy Fleming & Joe Kapp vs. Angela Mosca & Sam the Rifle

Not quite the same today but still compelling!

Looks like TSN has responded to viewer requests to minimize Rotten Roddy Black on the stick. Tonite - Gord "The Vet" Miller gets his 1st start of the season working with Dr. Docile, Duane Forde!

Thought they might try working in Derek "Mookie" Taylor in but the powers to be probably think Taylor still not ready! Couldn't be any worse than Black's desecration of the broadcasts, could it?

Coaches in possible jeopardy 1/4 thru season.

  1. Rich Hall, DC Wpg. - not a distinguished record since being dumped as head coacsh in Edm
  2. Rowdy Roddy Reinbold - in over his head either DC or HC. That's proven!
  3. Corky Jones - needs to be better than 2-7 at the 1/2 way mark.
  4. Khari Jones, OC, BC - Walleye may silently re-evaluating his work.
  5. Ptazzek's days may be numbered in Hammy.

Love how red-haired gimp (Area 51's affectionate term for T. Lulay made 2 pt saving tackle after being picked - - - esp. w/ Jennings injured. Guys like Matt Nichols & Justine Medlock literally turned their back in similr situations w/ the bombers!

Question - has the CFL and/or Sobeys/Safeway pulled the plug on their 2 Kickoff TD promo?:

So now you're talking in the third person. Nice. I new it all along.

Collaros is garbage. Horribly inaccurate. Looks the way I remember him with the Argos : needing his defence to get him field position or points, cause he’s useless.

Official misses the no yards on the tackler then doubles down with an illegal block penalty. A net result of an instant tackle on the return at a 25 yard turn around on the penalty.

Horrible call. :roll:

Great catch. Touchdown.

I'm a CFL O coordinator I'd have one receiver run into the defender, that way I'd always have a CRAP opportunity to drop the yellow flag.
It's easy, get your defender turned then run up his back, voila, PI.
Junks up a decent game.
Time to loose it.

Video review once again BLOWS a call. Illegal contact was created by the pass receiver NOT the defender, however, the defense gets penalized for being on the field, coach is rewarded for a successful fishing expedition and the blind video review official calls a penalty that DID NOT occur.

Video review has killed the game.

Yet video review can't figure this out. That should have been offensive PI, but apparently there is no such penalty in the CFL. All PI is by nature the defenses fault.


I give up. Roughing the passer? They can't be SERIOUS??????????

Call me when this league starts playing football again.

you wouldn't know serious football if it tackled you

:thup: yep expedition or not, Leo's still would have earned the W.

Wow. If you are that bent out of shape DC Moses on that particular call, which was correctly overturned though a bit weak, just don't watch!

Oh I could see why the official did not throw a flag, for in real-time that's a tough one to call.

Review revealed that Lawrence stepped into the receiver not merely into his route, and so the correct call was made.

This is a fine point. The rule needs to be augmented with clarifications and exceptions and improved.

It would be far easier to explain such a clarified rule with video examples than as described via text, but here's the best I can do now with one example.

Personally I'd be for a rule, BEFORE the ball is thrown AND beyond five yards from the line of scrimmage, with which any player on defence and any eligible receiver on offence may take a position at least one arm's length away (not quite one yard) from another player such that if contact ensues, the burden is on the player moving in the direction of the other player to not make illegal contact or commit offensive pass interference.

On that play for example, if Lawrence had established position at least one arm's length away and Arceneaux ran into him, offensive PI.

As it looked to me on the review, Lawrence had not established position, whatever the distance, and ran into Arceneaux. The turning of his back is also not relevant, for contact is contact.

Under a clarified rule, Lawrence in that situation would have had to stay stationary or take a position at least one arm's length away from Arceneaux so as to avoid illegal contact should contact be made.

With such a poor offensive line, narrow receiving corps, and poor running game? I'd hold out for Collaros given those disadvantages that are not his fault. He does not have much time to throw and does not have as big of a field on which to throw.

I posted more about this matter in the QB 2017 thread.

Firstly, it was illegal contact.

Secondly, your suggested rule clarification is an expansion of the way the rule is already interpreted and is pretty much how it works in basketball.

Thirdly, offensive PI is given a lot more leeway than defensive PI and probably always will be because complete passes and increased scoring are consistently deemed more interesting to the audience than an incomplete pass.

Just able to watch this one and Lulay was fantastic. Not much to say about the Cats but right now with that o line and defence, looks like a playoff position isn't going to happen if they keep this play up. Certainly not all of Collaros' fault that's for sure.

Disagree on your 3rd point. Since both players (O and D) have equal access to the ball then neither receives preference. The reason you see more DPI is because the receivers know where they’re going and can turn to the ball before the DBs can…which results in DBs making desperate attemtps to stop a catch more often. Down field officials are taught to watch only the players, not the ball. Contact is permitted but once one player gains an advantage illegally you’ve got a flag.