Tenacious linebacking by Bighill !

Looked like a good tackle but there was helmet contact. Willis should check for flags before celebrating so excessively!
Failed challenge

Eskies seem to have discovered their defense!

Why they start from at least 5 yards back to get 2nd and one, I'll never understand!!! Leone good from 43 to narrow the gap to 1

Good game! 21-20 Eskies at the 3rd - how you holding up tabbie? Sleepy yet? :smiley:

Haven't seen anything go Sinkfield's way. Seems to be invisible out there.

Just remembered that it's J Johnson I put on my fantasy team - not Manny..

Nope had my nap in the first half so I'd be awake for the end of the game! :smiley: Didn't you notice I went AWOL for a short time earlier? :smiley:

Leone with the chip shot but a TD would have been better.

I was just thinking that!
Holy crap, Reilly's gotten hit bad twice!!

Edmonton Eskimos are chill, chill with the lead......Ah sure

But he takes a lickin' and keeps on ticking! Noticed earlier that the Leos had three sack and the Eskies 0 (they've had one since).

Very close game fur sure 24-23, but how things can change!

Will the REAL Eskies please stand up? :? This team is taking it to the Leos, Interception and at the least they could get another FG to add to the lead. Jennings and Manny have been pretty much shut down.

Depends on their attitudes, notice how they woke up after Willis got the RTP penalty?

So can Jenning work some magic in the final 16 seconds??

Edmonton wins, that is so chill

Wow what a finish! Eskies win 27-23,
Night y'all

Hail Mary time! And it's picked off by the Eskies in the endzone.

Hope tonight isn't indicative of my picks for the final couple of games as I'm 0-2. Silly me picked the Argos to knock off the OTTRBs :oops: Ticats need to get the "W" tomorrow on the road but so far it's the home teams that are coming up with the victories.

I've been watching the cfl for 30 years and I've never seen so many bad calls and missed calls. I don't even want to watch anymore.

Went to bed early and forgot to PVR the flag-fest.

Watched 3 quarters and judging from final stats Reilly managed to stay upright and over-powered Jennings statistically. Reilly is a workhorse and despite esks record he's the best QB in Canada - no wonder Corky Jo covets him!

Esks winning does the Bombers a favour - but only if the Bombers can topple the mighty stamps this afternoon.

Doomsday scenario for Winnipeg would be falling just enough to catch 3rd in west and have to play Edmonton or BC on their home turf.

But if Bombers can achieve a better record than BC in last 6 games - 4-2 might do it I suspect they could host the western semi. That would be killer!

So nice of you to sign up just to tell us that. Then again everyone says that after every single game...

Meh, I've already forgotten who you are...