Anyone watching this game or is it past your bedtime lol :lol:

Zylstra! What a leap he made!

One things for sure, you can always count on Leone to blow it :thdn:

Watching the game from the east and it will be past my bedtime by the time it's over. Hope I can stay awake. Jennings needs to have a good game - put him and one of the receivers on my fantasy team (might have been Arceneaux) this week.

So its 6-0 BC after the first quarter

There you go tabbiefanmcb -Arceneaux with the TD!

Old Wally sure enjoyin' layin a lickin' on the Esks.

Esks sure went from unbeatable champions to gypsies, tramps and thieves in virtually no time.

Only one thing is sure - holed up in a desk fort in Regina - Tennessee Corky still coveting Mr. Reilly.....

What o what can the riders provide Edmonton for Mike Reilly?

I'll tell u what and its not easy to stomach!

Reilly to Regina for following package:

  • Darian Durant
  • Riders 1st round pick in 2017 draft
  • Naman Roosevelt, WR
  • Brendan Labatte or Chris Best (now on IR, out for season, both quality non-import OLs)

That's about it - Corky might be able to beg for Shakira Bell's services, maybe Cooehorne!


P.S. I'll wait a few days before Gooner Lawless reads this post, then works up the same scenario in his column without giving credit for the original idea!

Agree Lyle, Eskies not looking like last year. I've heard Jones wants Franklin, not Reilly ?

Yup saw that which is great if I did put him on my fantasy.

:rockin: totally rockin this game.

Go bc

And the Eskies tie it up, Not sure what Sorenson did but Maas wasn't happy with him - OK UR penalty applied on the KO

This looks like it's becoming a heated affair - a bit like the TO OTTRB game earlier.

Yes, of course. Corky has the power to change the culture and Durant is the #1 guy in the current culture.

At this point Jones would take either Reilly or Franklin. Price is much cheaper for Franklin as he’s a FA next season. Only intrigue is if Montreal loaded up the ox-cart with players and did a trade 'n sign kinda deal.

That way Corky could send Durant packing (Winnipeg is a distinct possibility, obviously Toronto & Montreal are the others) for valuable assets/draft picks.

Reilly not prepared to pass out in the women’s washroom tonite. He’s really givin’ Jennings and the Leos a run for their money! Actually don’t mind Edmonton winning and still having a chance for 3rd in West - Bombers would almost be favourites as the eastern crossover - only problem is winning two straight games on foreign soil. :cowboy:

Golden opportunity lost as Gore misses that pass - punt single to break the tie.

Absolutely - EE playing much better than they did against the greenies.

What a flagfest - 15-14 at the half!

Still rocking it after Eskies TD?

Reilly/Bowman with the go-ahead TD. Thought about adding Bell to my fantasy and should have - just wasn't sure how successful he'd be running against BC.

Leos a bit rusty after their bye?? I didn't think so but they seem to be slowing down

Yup Leos seem to be slowing down + Eskies heating up - it aint over till its over eh?