GDT: Argos @ Ticats

on Friday, another Labour Day preview.

Can the Argos help Johnny Football look ridiculous?

Hopefully the weather cooperates. (Right now they are calling for 60% chance of rain with thunderstorms Friday evening here - kind of like the Labour Day game last year.)

One thing for sure - all the Manziel mania has Cats fans at least interested if not downright excited. Fewer than 100 tickets show as availalble to the game right now on Ticketmaster. When was the last time a pre-season game was sold out in advance here in Hamilton?

I'm going for the first time to a preseason game. There is just such a positive buzz around the team (even without JM2), and we don't have a home game for almost another month, I want to get out there and watch some football!

Same! It's been several years since I've gotten off the couch for a preseason game, but I'm going this year. Should be fun, hopefully the rain stays away.

I'm predicting a big win for the Ticats, not that the results matter.

we have 6 season tickets...this is the first year in recent memory that all 6 are being used by their owners for a preseason game.

oskee wee wee!

The Manziel Experiment is already reaping dividends.

Fingers crossed but a few brief downpours have been rolling through the area this afternoon but it appears the bulk of them have passed through and we should be good for the game tonight. Should be one of the best turnouts for a preseason game in Hamilton in years!

Not to mention all of the number 2 jerseys that have and will be sold.
Merchandise galore, this guy is a win win for the Cats and the league.

Has a CFL pre-season game ever been the second story (and a very comprehenive one at that) on ESPN's website? Second only to their NBA Finals Game 1 story.

I seriously hope that curiosity doesn't kill the Cats ! Just joking. I hope all goes well. Looks like a perfect evening for football. I'll be watching on the tube. A sold out preseason game is amazing.

getting set for the game!

haven't been this ready for a pre-season game in ... well ... ever.

our camp is JFF divided. some want him to fail (for some reason), others are looking forward to watching him play....

going to be lots of interesting story lines this evening.

But its a tiny Stadium. Edmonton had 28,600. If the stadium could fit 34,000 how many tickets left??

Tiny stadium that probably beats the heck out of BC Place for locker room and plush box facilities. But I know, number of seats is all you care about and think that's all there is to a stadium. Whatever, believe how you want to believe what stadiums are all about. Fenway Park, one of the least amount of seats in MLB but guess what? I'll let you figure that one out.

Hamilton is a "tiny" city, so it suits it to have a "tiny" stadium.

There are some really confused people on this forum who have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to stadiums and what size they should be.

Argos backups looking pretty good against ALL Starters for the Ticats.
Looks like the experiment with Whitlock as a RB is over

Pretty run....and Brandon Burks!

Argos look like they are going to be very solid this year but preseason, so doesn't mean much. Good to give JM some playing time in the first half to get his feet wet, solid arm. This Bethel qb for the Argos looks like the real deal. He seems to be a real leader, of course he won't start but Argos have a good one in this guy.

I expect Franklin to play in the second half and from last year he should be a starter.
I am surprised he signed with our Argos as he could have had his pick, likely with the Als to start and maybe even in BC.

Like really. And I can care less about plush boxes I'll never see. Gm place is crap.
Still tiny stadium so I' m not excited for 22,000 fan. Really 32,000 36,000 you got my full appreciation.