GDT - - Argos/TiCats

Just outside of Tim Hortons Dump waiting for the gates to open. Some backwater hick band playing unbearably bad "music" for the redneck contingent.

Hopefully the Argos show up - - it'd be nice if they could take 2 of the next 3 although I'm not confident in a win today.

Good for you for going. You are a miserable son of a gun but you do support the CFL. :thup:

Enjoy the game, A51. I'll be cheering for the double blue too.

PS Try not to get yourself bitten, my friend. :wink:

If we could make A51 more personable, just think how wonderful a poster/fan he would be. :thup:

I don't know, his act is kind of fun. He's like the Ric Flair of the board. :thup:

Did Ric Flair like to be right?

He's an acquired taste. At first, he seems so abrasive. Then you grow to like him. He is like a Argo version of Bungle - except A51 goes to games.

The atmosphere in Hamilton now is nothing compared to what things were like at IWS ten or fifteen years ago.

Back then there's no possible way the LDC could have been at night because of all the brawls. In fact, that's why the LDC games have always been at 1pm for the past decade or so.

Rarely see even a minor skirmish at Toronto/Hamilton games now.

Does that reflect a lack of Argo fans?

No that's just how it is in the new stadium.

Speaking from personal experience, I've had bottles/cans/food thrown at me on several occasions at IWS but not even so much as a sunflower seed since they moved to Tim Hortons Dump.

Or fans growing up? We're babyboomers you know :smiley:

Actually, to the Ticats' credit, they have a nice mix of fans.

Now THAT I believe!!! :wink: And NOT just at CFL games.

My Stomping Ground - good song!

23-12 - for one of these two teams.

:rockin: Classic football from Hamilton vs Toronto

Nice second effort by Gable. Glad to see the Ticats are getting him involved early

Is it just me or the stadium half empty??? :wink:

Oskee wee wee!



Where's the Argo D?

Exactly. Enough with the flags already