GDT: Argos @ Riders

I heard a rumour that NFL Hall of Fame wr Chris Carter has a son that might be playing in this game. Has anyone else heard this?

Hopefully there is an announcer who is up on this and will point him out.

I also heard that Johnny Manziel might be playing for Hamilton.

Don't think we'll see the Super Ricky Ray of last year's Grey Cup. Ray is 39 going on 45 - he'll refuse to go all out, opting instead to take care of his body and not subject himself to overt punishment. Nobody in the CFL takes a softer sack than Ray so sacks aren't a problem.

As for Collaros - don't think we'll see the shell-shocked "Snack" Collaros of Hamilton fame (last year or two anyways). He's better than that - he's being paid top coin and Regina fans are extremely unforgiving. Really unforgiving. Same with Chris Jones - he's the opposite of Mike O'Shea - where O'Shea is a loyalty man - Jones is also loyal - but only to your next poor performance.

Pre-grading Ray to a 6.5 to 7.0 out of 10
Pre-grading Zack to a 7.0 to 7.5

I suspect we'll see at least a quarters worth of Franklin or the other man backing Ricky - but perhaps only 10 to 12 reps from Bridge over Zach. (barring injury of course)

Nice to see TSN’s #1 broadcast team of Cuthbert & Suits

Black & Duane were in a word - rawdawful last nite!

Only problem is the technological support at Mosaic is feeble as all git out - the broadcast is coming in choppy and TSN doesn’t seem to have the wherewithal to restore it . . . .

It's early in the game, same as last year Zach looks like a deer in the headlights.

All knotted up at 1. ;D

Each team with a rouge.

Both Ray & Collaros still look to be in pre-season mode. Disagree that Zach looks like a deer in headlights. Deer usually have four legs, 1 tail. Collaros has one leg, one tail. lol

Ray still a cool customer under pressure and has innate ability to soften most hits.

Collaros has residual PTSD - he's paranoid of getting whonked by d-linemen or hard-running LBs

This is Regina's game for the taking - Argo season doesn't start til about 10 games in - cuz they only need 8 to 10 wins to take 1st in east . . . . their goal

Collaros looks exactly like he did the last two years. Will be interesting to see how long Jones leaves Bridge on the bench.

I thought Collaros was injured with a concussion . My belief was Bridge would be starting .

Two threads twice the fun .

Hey I thought June means Sask fans fill the stadium on a beautiful night .

See quite a few empty seats .

What's up .

Nice call Lyle right on only you made a small mistake. A over seen decimal point. It Happens!!
Zack to a 0.7 to 0.75

Oh yes and Johnny will probably be on the field tomorrow night!! (according to Naylor) LOL!! ;D ::slight_smile:

Looks like Zach is getting some mojo back as he tosses his first TD in green to Roosevelt.

Nice drive by Collaros, while I am still waiting for Ricky to awaken.

After this slow start and I know it's not our coach"s style, the next set of downs would be a perfect time to throw in Franklin with a package.

Somewhat surprisingly, Zach has shown far more game command than Old Rickety Ray.

That's OK, Trestman considers the first 5 or 6 games of season in eastern conference as glorified exhibitions. Same with Ray. Trestman & Popp still assembling a team - won't recognize these guys in late September . . . .

Zach seems to be getting some mojo back and just led the team to the first TD of the game spotting the Saskie guys a 10 point lead. Saskie D is giving Ray and co. a hard time thus far but the offensive genius of Trestman et al will conjure up some half time adjustments I'm thinking to maybe negate some of that pressure.

Suspect Franklin will come out of the chute in the 3rd quarter for at least a quarter.
No point dragging 39 yr old Rickety thru the muck in a virtual nothing game (for Toronto, anyways)

Sorry to insult my remaining friends in Sask'n - but those 3 foot dogs look gross, especially all-dressed.

Looks like TSN producer tricked the concessionaire to deliver 3 of those messes - they prolly sell for $20 to $25 ea. Don't think Milt, Rod, Hank or Dunigan would spend their own nickels on obese product like that.

Perhaps Sara O sniffs them out and heads upstairs at the half.