GDT: Argos @ Riders 7/1

Well, somebody has to start it.

Quick pick: Franklin or Fajardo?



Franklin reminds me of Cleo Lemon.

And shouldn’t Fajardo’s name be pronounced “FaHardo”?

Aside. . . tourist motoring in California. . . stops at a gas station and asks the attendant how to get to La Jolla (and pronounces it that way); attendant says “no, it’s La Hoya, La Hoya”.

Tourist says “sorry. . . I"m from New Hersey.”

I think the time is almost up for Franklin.
What a huge disappointment.
The team has to come back with a 180 degree turn around performance.
If not a win, then it must be close and competitive in order to draw back some fans next week.

I was really impressed with Fajardo, first when he came in as backup, and then when he started. Let’s see how long he holds up after there’s more game film on him.

IfWhen Franklin is finally acknowledged as a bust…do you think Marc Trestman will receive an “I’m Sorry” card from MLSE with his next payment? Does Hallmark offer a “We were asshats” card? And what kind of flowers to you send to apologize for firing a three-time Grey Cup winner that wouldn’t start your free agency mistake? (I’m thinking a bouquet of “Forget Me Nots” because a lot of people will be remembering that 4-12 record fondly by the time this year’s disaster is over).

Way too easy for the Riders as only two poor throws prevented a TD.
I hope it’s only 1st quarter jitters for my Argos in playing in front of some real fans.?

Well Jim Popp thought he had the next franchise QB but we all know how that turned out in Montreal until they booted him out. Five years (+ if you want to include part of 2013) and counting!

They should have had 7 on that if Fajardo had any accuracy. It wasn’t like he had someone in his face trying to sack him.
Weren’t there some “real” fans at your home opener last week? They would have been wearing black and gold though! :wink: :wink:

Don’t forget Popp tried very hard and offered BLM more money than the Stamps did in the free agent market.

Oh I know but it often takes more than money to lure a top player. Stability of the organization (which I think Argos have now under the MLSE umbrella), quality of coaching and players, probability of winning or at least going to the Grey Cup (or even making the playoffs are just a few. Not saying that the Argos don’t have most of all of that but in the end, familiarity with the coaching staff and teammates won out.

Riders using up lots of clock time but only coming away with FGs.

Yes, but if this one sided time of possession continues we are in for a long afternoon/evening.

Wilder had more yards on that one run than he did in the whole game vs Hamilton! But not so lucky a second time.

I know it’s loud in the stadium - which any team should be expecting - but the Argos really look rather disorganized at times.

I normally don’t care one way or the other regarding ‘live mic’ games, but it is nice to hear the convos between the refs and coaches while they figure out a penalty. Otherwise, the announcers might ignore it.

Yeah, I have some issues with the minimal play-by-play announcing this year.

They sure do

There is no sense of urgency with this team especially on the offensive side.

And Franklin is picked off!

The battle of the “inept QBs”? - Which one will come out ahead?

From bad to worse, horrible coverage and an easy catch and run.