GDT: Argos @ Ottawa

Rod 'Awful Black in full Koko B. Ware mode tonite as he's paired with Dunigan - and Matt don't take no nonsense from no-minds!

As for the speculation about Willy being inserted into the fray - prolly not tonite. Ottawa carrying Hank's baggage and Trev Harris's sudden decline are not good enough to blow an average argo's team out - and that alone will keep LaFevour in the game regardless of performance!

Black on top of his game out of the chute - making a bad pre-call of an obvious Ottawa 1st down. The guy obviously doesn't see whats going down on the field.

"gobbled up at the line of scrimmage for a loss!"

Nice work Rodney! :cowboy:

Punt 'n Snooze Fest so far! :cowboy:



Just practicin’ my Rod Black imitation! :smiley:


The LeFavour offense non-existent!

Boxcar Willy prolly praying to Hugh Campbell (aka God) to NOT be inserted into the carnage!

After a long return for TD, Ottawa leads 13-0.

Suspect Willy has bitten off whatever nail beds remain on his hands - he really doesn't want to enter this arena of carnage. Let Dan take the rap, he says!

However, Milanovich ain't paying Boxcar diddly squat - he'll wanna see what the Eddy Haskell droopelganger can do!

Dan Dan, has quite the tan... farmers tan that is :slight_smile:

I like the animosity developing between these teams . . . just wish the Argos could score a few points to make those battles worthwhile.

FFS, useless doesn't begin to describe LeFevour's throws.

Inexcusable for a pro level QB to miss that many throws. Passes sailing over receivers heads...Spencer wide open and a pass at his shoe tops.

As for the red zone INT - - not only did he telegraph the pass, he threw a flutter ball to the wide side.

No choice but to put Drew Willy in to start the 2ndH.

Disagree - Jughead will give Danzig at least two series (out of loyalty, respect, no hustle)!

I hope you're right. I've liked LeFevour the past two weeks, but he's done nothing today. Give Willy a shot before the game gets out of reach.

There's great talent on the field on offence tonight, but wow all the stoppages in play have been inexcusable beyond the QB woes in Toronto.

Any hope this game becomes more entertaining?

Even the commercials on TSN have taken a dive.

And your wish was just granted! Willy was put into the game! Unfortunately an 8 yard toss and catch didn’t do it on 2nd down when they needed 10 (I think).

Oh yes to an earlier poster - it’s Mossis Madu - unusual spelling that most wouldn’t know

Pretty much the deficit, time remaining and insipid play by Danzig for Willy to get his (death) wish.

Actually, while Willy was a tax burden, mope and mostly a deadbeat in Winnipeg, Toronto and the CFL needs this guy to be good.


Wow - Lirimafoo gets smoked. Willy forced to come back into the fray! :cowboy:

Yup . . . two series now and nothing productive to speak of. Well, maybe this penalty will give him another shot.

Willy can probably be given a bit of slack for overthrowing receivers when he hasn't had many (if any)reps with them- not that it's going to help them close the gap unless they can start to connect. Best play was #2 handing off to #3.

Not to mention the Redblacks also got a bomber deadbeat in Sergia Garcia, their poor punter for the night!

Argos have a pretty brilliant defense - too bad they can't find a QB . . . . . and Ricky Ray, the new queen of fragility is NOT THE ANSWER!

As Raymond the Rainman would say “it was an excellent handoff”

Well they actually picked up a couple of FDs in that last series and got close enough for Hajrullahu to kick a FG. End of the 3rd. Argo D holding OTTRBs to FGs but that only works if their offense can put some points on the board. Could happen yet.