GDT: Argos @ ORBs

Since Franklin has been a major disappointment this year and MBT is clearly not the answer, looks like the only option is to sign a FA QB.
Reilly & Mitchell are the top two available.

Brown helmet to helmet on SJ Green.

Ottawa gonna be a very tough out for either BC or Hamilton.

In the Hamilton vs. BC ESF - I’d put BC at 58% chance of getting by the Ticats - even in the donut box!

As for the Eastern final - immo BC has a 45% chance of getting by ORBs; Hamilton would be even less, around 32%

Popp (if he's still working his Toronto rolodex) is probably hatching a plot to bring both guys to TO - first guy to sign gets the big money and huge signing bonus - 2nd guy gets his phone calls not returned . . . .

Reilly, under Trestman would have taken that woeful TO squad and brought it in around 7-11 or 8-10, still out of playoffs.

Ah yes - the only reason that Macbeth kept getting the starts even after he could no longer win a game! Trest seems to think that every pocket passer is another "Calvillo"!

I highly doubt that either of them will go far from their present teams although BLM is young enough to maybe take a shot at the NFL but I'm not sure he will. If Reilly goes anywhere it's more likely to be back to BC - not east, Still one can always dream and think about the ones that got away - Harris, Collaros....

No flag?? Have to admit I wasn’t watching that closely. He’ll probably get a fine - IF they look at it closely. But then Cioffi got off scot-free on a late bad hit on Tasker a couple of weeks ago! >:( >:(

no flag.

straight and direct contact to Greens head.

Howdy Doody - Ambrosie will be quick to the apology phone and a hefty $500 fine on Brown . .

Sometimes I think Randy must be totally disgusted by the kind of guys he’s got working the games - and the sleepers in the eye-in-sky suite!

You’d think after last week’s debacle with Willis and Collaros that he’d have the officials looking carefully at ALL hits - although sometimes the speed of the game makes everything hard to see. That’s where the “eye in the sky” SHOULD step in and whisper in the official’s ear that a head hit has occurred and a penalty should be assessed. Maybe that’s a strategy for next season although I can’t see that it would be that difficult to implement in the few remaining games.

I certainly hope that nobody who officiated in tonight’s game on the field or in the CC will be working the Grey Cup.

Random thoughts from the cheaps seats:

Interesting game and, notwithstanding the ORBs were playing a very weakened and demoralized Argos, it showed that the ORBs have some depth.

ORBs took too many stupid penalties. Way too many. Had they been playing a stronger team, they may well have had their arses handed to them on a golden platter. I hope Campbell tore them a new one and sets them straight. But they were the second stringers and perhaps can be forgiven due to their inexperience.

Dominique Davis gave an impressive performance. It is comforting to know he is there should something happen to Harris. I was cringing for Danny Collins after that first pick, but in fairness to Danny, he has not had much action this year and obviously needs more experience. Still, he did ok for a guy whose been mostly sitting on the sidelines.

A win against Hogtown is always satisfying, especially after our humiliating loss this past July.

Defensive pass interference and accidental defensive pass interference. For the love of God and the fan, I wish the CFL would make some modifications to these penalties and let the guys play the frigging ball.

I cannot believe it. We are one win away from going to the Grey Cup. Seeing my team make it to the finals, would be more than enough compensation for my having seats in the nosebleed section at Commonwealth Stadium.

How long have you been making identical posts to two different forums (this one and, and why?

Dominique Davis gave an impressive performance. It is comforting to know he is there should something happen to Harris
No question Robert.

Wow, how did the Ticats lose to the Als?

Actually a very entertaining game.

We lose to everyone. :frowning: