GDT: Argos @ ORBs

I know, I know. This is the one that you have all been waiting for, on the edge of your seats with baited breath.

The RedBlacks have an opportunity to avenge their humiliating loss to the Argonauts. Toronto wants to prove that their epic comeback win over Ottawa in early August was not a fluke.

Do the Argos get the season sweep? Or can Ottawa salvage a little bit of dignity by splitting the season series?

I read somewhere that Ottawa is not playing at least 8 of their starters. Sounds like itsArgos for the taking.

If scouting departments from other CFL teams are still in “scout mode” the last batch of virtual nothing games represents a good place to observe, catch film and consider so-called goobers who have languished on practice rosters, phoney “injured” lists, etc.

Lots of spares going into action. The downside is the spare is up against other spares - or guys that have nothing to play for (other than their jobs in 2019)

Teams with attentive and focused scouting systems can only benefit from such games - even if its finding just one guy who can elevate their special teams and/or back-up depth at key positions.

You are not scouting for superstars. You’re looking for players who can really play this CFL game - and savour every second they get to dish out hard contact and make plays that matter!

Whoaaa!! Cuthbert & Forde on this travesty? Whats up wid dat?

Woulda thought TSN woulda been all over burning Rod Black on this eastern nothing-burger!!!

Of course, Blackout Boy only gets 1 game this weekend - as the CFL has 3 games scheduled for Getaway Day (Saturday)

P.S. Hope Black is paired w/ Matt Dunigan on whatever game he gets. Dunigan is merciless when faced with Black’s legendary incompetence and just runs over Black whenever Black starts sputtering babble!

After the way the Boatmen played in Montreal last week (looked ENTIRELY listless - like they were mailing it in!) I don't think they'll be beating even the OTTRB backups ::slight_smile: ::)(Just like I don't expect the Lark's to beat the Ticatas backups tomorrow) Even Trestman looked disinterested during that game last week! :o

Black probably gets the “honour” of doing the “Johnny” game vs the Ticats tomorrow! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

If the Argos win, I will be sick.

Another lacklustre showing after the first quarter.
In fact, the Argos defense are making Dominique Davis, a back up, look like a 1st stringer.

Well we at least mustered up a FG, hopefully we can keep Drew Brown around for next year as he is 8 for 9.

That didn’t last long as “MOP” Davis strikes again with some nifty moves, rollouts from the pocket and decent downfield throws.
Wow, what a concept attacking downfield instead of dink and dunk, where have we seen that?

Go Argos

Look no further than your "arch-rivals" down the QEW! At least until they lost all of their "speedy" receivers who could stretch the field! Of course as long as Trestman is the HC, the boatmen will live and/or die by the dink and dunk pass!

The boatmen and their coach look about as interested in this game as they did in the game last week in Montreal! And they sure didn't look interested in that one!

Then again, it's hard to get excited for games when there's nothing left to play for. Their final game of this forgettable season being in Ottawa is quite ironic - the scene of last year's triumph being the scene of this year's final loss!

You mean "Go home Argos"? ;D ;D :wink:

Looks like we have Macbeth against Collins for “round 2”. Don’t expect much change with those changes.

I want to see QB Prokop, not MBT.

Who calls them that?

Looks like Trest didn't hear your request! Unless he sends him in for "garbage time mop up".

Macbeth looks even less impressive than Franklin did! Of course the OTTRBs are still playing some of their starters on D.

That’s because Thompson sucks. Trestman’s love for pure pocket passers knows no bounds though…