GDT: Argos @ Esks

Can the Argos pull off the encore on the road?

It will be tough to do it in Edmonton, but I say the Argos pull it off (at least I hope so). :wink:

As much as I dislike the Eskimos and their hot headed psycho head coach , for obvious reasons I hate the Argos even more . So with all that being said I'll have to plug my nose and cheer for those Eskies tonight .

Open mic game for Maas !! :o :o :o

I would hope so considering who they are playing and who your team is.

Wow did Ludacris ever shake up the normally staid & stale gameday experience at Commonwealth - what a great experience with such a professional musician/entertainer on the stick.

Doesn't look or feel like Commonwealth - which is about time the Edmonton tall foreheads tried to upgrade their fan experience!!

Ludacris is tremendous!!!

Esks hanging on to a slim lead here almost half way through the fourth but the double blue have the ball trying to add to their score.

Bad spear on Gable to close out the game - Toronto's Jimmy Franklin just couldn't move the ball when it counted, especially an Edmonton D weakened by the loss of J Sherrit & another starting defender!

Franklin wasn't good enough. Reilly, in deplorable field conditions WAS!

Wow what a dirty hit by 98, Wynn he purposely led with his helmet definitely a fine and at least 1 if not more games suspension......!!!!!!!

TSN learning at an accelerated rate (Ambrosie effect, perhaps?).

First, reduction of games involving Rotten Roddy Black! (That's a really good thing!)

Second, muting to almost non-audibility the head coaches. TSN knows Maas can be a complete a-hat so they muted him down.

Trestman just talks in semi-audible mumbles!

Like how Reilly works the game. Sometimes he repeats the play up to 4 times for his charges. Hatman Mike knows most players aren't that well educated . . . .

He should have to justify being allowed to suit up in the CFL again. No other way to interpret that hit other than an attempt to seriously injure. Gable was already on the ground before Wynn launched himself.

actually, I am sad to say, Franklin had better pass percentage and a few more yards on same number of attempts. Both were below 90 in efficiency.


IMO, Wynn should be suspended for a minimum of 6 games (maybe more), and fined heavily. That was a blatant attempt to severely injure another player and has to be weeded out of sport.

Gable is one tough, ornery muscle-packed dude but after those two careless hits to the head (the first one was almost as deliberate as #2) he bravely got up - but didn't know if he was foot or horseback!

Sadly, the Ricky Ray rule should have been imposed - Esks medical staff should have immobilized C.J. and carted him off for a full round of tests and procedures!

Both players should be fined to the CFL maximum (a hillbilly joke btw) and the first head-hunter should be given a 1-game suspension (no game cheque) to go along with it. Wyn should be given the CFL max - whether its 2 games or 6 I don’t know . . . . anyways the CFL PA may not care as much on player safety as they do player compensation - and that’s the saddest part!

It was a spear but I think the injury came on the contact prior when Gable and Davis put their heads down.

The second hit definitely did not help the situation. Not sure the second hit was intentional his momentum carried him into Gable. It is really hard to gauge on this one .

Wynn placed and pointed his helmet and strategically placed himself and trajectory in a manner to which the helmet is the first point of contact to the head of a man already on the ground? That's debatable to you? Wow. You obviously have never played the game. A spear like that is a decision, not a coincidence.

Despite the first incidental hit likely doing the damage, it wasn't an attempt to injure, whereas the unnecessary and after the fact hit by Wynn was simply a juvenile attempt to injure a guy who was eating up the Argos D on the field. Wynn may have anger management issues as evidenced by showing that side of him. He simply was trying to seriously harm Gable. On the street that's a serious assault charge.

Do not think it' hard to gauge at all. All you need to do is take another look at the play. Grover has it posted in this thread.
Gable is already down when Wynn came in leading with his head.