GDT: Argos @ Bombers

Last week Toronto was blown out by the Bombers in Ontario.

Hard to imagine that they'd fare much better in Manitoba?

My brain says Winnipeg all the way, but my heart says James Franklin can start playing like I know he can.

on paper, wpg, but I find that rarely does one team beat another two weeks in a row. If I have looked it up right, we have 2 back to backs that were split over two weeks. However, we also have two back to back over three weeks that were not split.

Usually a split involves both home teams winning.

When was the last time a back to back was split, with both road teams winning?

He'll leave you heartbroken he will.

The Argos coaching staff is going to make all kinds of adjustments to shut down Andrew Harris as well as the Bombers' receiving corps, but whatever they do won't be enough. The Argos might play it closer than last week, but the Bombers just have too many weapons on offence and they'll roll to another relatively easy victory.

I haven't broken down the tape or anything like that, but I felt like they were a lot more creative on offense last year versus this season.

They did a lot of cool stuff last year and some creative misdirection plays to help Ray.

I just don't feel like they've done the same this year.

Speaking of Ricky Ray, why is the CFL running a masthead banner image of Ricky Ray staring down Andrew Harris to promote the game today? Does the CFL have inside info regarding Ricky Ray's game status? Are the Argos preparing to spring a surprise on us Fantasy players?


Advertising may have been set preseason and obviously hasn't been changed to reflect Ray's current status. If he show up to play a game again this season, I'll be VERY surprised.
TSN does many of their promos during CFL week in March

Have to say that Nichols was lucky on that pitch and catch play - tossed it up and had a receiver come down with it.

And the home team draws first blood. Boatmen aren't helping their cause any with undisciplined penalties.

Woody Allen Trestman was infuriated after he was infuriated by greenhorn O'Shea last week - put a new defensive system in play to shut down Andrew Harris - that's working - nothing else, including J Franklin is.

10-0 bombers after a mutt in zebra stripes assesses a questionable roughing penalty to an argo defender and keeps a dead bomber drive alive!

Love to see the blue decimate the Grey Cup champs - in front of a steamin' hot live crowd of well over 24,000 tonite!!!

Only thing the row-boaters have done well is gap cancellation D that's basically forcing Nichols into passing vs. running! Everything else = BAD

Glad that I didn't put Harris into my lineup - WAY too expensive for my liking. I did put in the 'Peg D though so hope that pays off a bit. Two sacks so far but right now they're allowing Franklin to march down the field - and then they took the ball away! :slight_smile:
Trestman is definitely NOT a happy camper on the sidelines!

Only manage a Medlock off the turnover but points are points and so far the boatmen are sinking

While I agree the call was indeed questionable....?mutt in zebra stripes??


Harris may not be running wild but he's still managing some yards. Boatman D appears to be stepping it up a bit .

On the other hand Wilder IS running wild! Got the boatmen on the score board.

You wouldn't be happy either - you're a coaching god and you're being outfoxed and out-coached by a coaching minnow - IN SHORTS!

Argos appear to have the shock 'n awe from 1st quarter damage wear off - now they're in the game and starting to dominate bomber d-line w/ Wilder, Jr.

Outcome very much in doubt. As it should be in any game coached by Mike O'Shea can u see . . . .

Bomber defense that looked so dominate last week in Hogtown - appears to be falling prey to looking like 5 year olds in strollers - - - especially the d-line.

Trestman is unfuriated over and over.

With some questionable calls the Argos might be ahead by 3 now!!!

Trestman should be infuriated. He's a coaching god vs. O'Shea, the intern.

Only problem is he's been handed a tough slog with the current Ray-less roster!

That said, coaching gods like Trestman are wily coyotes and know exactly how to bring arrogant pretend-coaches to their knees! WATCH. LEARN. REPEAT.

Boy we needed that TD and now with the pick Moe is changing.

And they might have another turnover pending the result of the automatic review - but no not so lucky - incomplete pass is ruled.

Trestman getting a bit riled at someone on the sidelines here - definitely not his usual calm cool collected self out there tonight. :o

Bombers got lucky with that incompletion overturn on Dressler - otherwise game would be deadlocked or Argos slightly ahead.

Must say - I have never seen Woody Allen (Trestman) so agitated (with refs, his team, his coaches). Surely he knows he's being miked!