Calgary winter has nothing to do with me going to Vancouver for the final Lions game.
Planned anyway due to an extra trip thanks to Aventura.

Prediction is sunshine and + 6 with roof closed.

This one is tough on me. I should cheer for the Lions out of support and pride, but I so much want the Argos to finish first in the East.

Life can be so hard sometimes.

Anyway , perhaps QB - 3 Ross should get the start.
Just to have a chance to show what he has to offer.

Normally would pick the Lions, but they have nothing to play for (although they should), the Argos do and most importantly the Argos are coming off the bye. I've been burned betting against the bye team to often.

Argos take the east.

The Argos start strong, but that second half looms. It will be after midnight in Toronto, and the Lions will scratch and claw their way ahead.

The Felions will have plenty to cheer for down the stretch.

This is our playoff game in BC, even though it is not a must win I say we have to win and in an impressive manner.

Totally agree a nothing game makes a team very dangerous, If there is such a thing as nothing game as all playing for contracts. Lions will win! Cheers

Canucks are hosting Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins across the street at the same time!
BC Place will be empty, Argos are more used to playing in an empty Stadium. ::slight_smile:
Advantage Argos. 8)

Hillarious! Now I've heard it all. lol

you say that in jest, but not contending with fan noise is a bonus for any visiting team :wink:

...and the way the Argos prefer to play. :wink:

I'll get game day started



Wow! A Canucks game on at the same time as a meaningless Lions' game? They will be lucky if 10,000 show up.

LoL. They have the expereince in those conditions, no doubt. I wonder if they practiced all week with cotton in their ears to replicate what it will be like to run plays with little ambient noise to distract you.

The Argo coaching staff must have wheeled speakers onto the practice field and not turned them on. ;D

There's a football game going on and Rod Black is talking about mustaches?

How do we get this moron off CFL broadcasts?

So far early in the 2nd, we have come to play.
My only concern is the lack of red zone production as we should be ahead by 3 TD's.
Hopefully this lack of production won't come back to bite us in the playoffs.

Steam rolling on all cylinders, but 12 points left on the field?

As long as Ray and Wilder stay healthy they have a chance. Agree they need to put it in the end zone more.

Wilder is a huge weapon when used properly . A pure out front runner north /south
rocket/steam roller combination.