GDT: Argos @ Als

I like Mc Gill stadium in Montreal . Great place to visit and watch a game .

Terrible parking but if you come in by train and want to stay you can walk or uber cheap to the stadium .

Lots of restaurants and shopping etc… Nightlife …

Recommend it to anybody wanting a getaway weekend as Via has great deals .

Train Station is downtown so both hockey arena and football stadium is easy to get to .

But the stadium really looks tired as a professional stadium. Percival is a stadium that will sooner or later need to be totally demolished to keep the CFL even remotely relevant in Montreal.

One team in the GTA, well, won’t go into that again but that’s what may happen, Argos to Halifax or wherever a stadium and owner can happen out East and TiCats the Golden Horseshoe team. Starting to make some sense. And the soccer TFC fans will love it, look at BMO today and all the turf being thrown up. Ok I’m sure TFC fans and some of TFC players are throwing up even more than than the turf there today but hey, that’s a different issue. :-* :-* :-*

Johnny, not going to get his first win. But going to be interesting for these two teams how next year pans out. The Als have their qb, but do the Argos know who their’s is?

You never know… Johnny, you have to be better than that, brutal buddy…
Pipkin down (why was Pipkin even in there, totally weird), and Johnny Football still has no win in Canada. James Franklin POG, in your face Johnny.

As I say, my bet next year the Als will be a playoff team Argos not so sure.

Time for dinner. Over, and out.

Where did Johnny go after the game ?

Never saw that before both being replaced for the last play throwing and then after running away most likely due to emotion .

Does Pipkin have that much stronger arm than Manziel ?

You got that right Hank, that was weird. Don’t get that from the Montreal coaching staff unless they know something we don’t know.

Mind you, the Als might be say Pipkin, stay around, yes you are deemed as backup to JM but we have confidence in you as backup in case JM bolts and JM just isn’t very good or gets injured. Obviously the Als like Pipkin. Makes sense to me.

There is no way to sugar coat this game, two bad teams playing a bad game.

You would like it Aerial . Plan it well so you don’t have to do much driving and get a place close to the stadium .

Lots of room now so don’t worry about being bunched up . The stadium looks old but does have character . A friend of mine were talking and would love it we could see a NHL hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens still .

The new rink with all the lights and buzzers is nice but the atmosphere and those old rinks with the view of the game are night and day better than the new rinks .

McGill has a really cool vibe to it . It just needs a bigger replay screen . The one they have is tiny for my old eyes . Other than that I am good .

Very sloppy game but okay last few minutes if you survived the first 55 minutes .

Sloppy or not, this was an important game for both teams to evaluate players on skill and committment for next year and such. Very important as a tool to see where both teams go forward and the remaining games as well. This is what pro sports is about, no such thing as any meaningless game. Totally get that.

Spot on Hank01. Want to get arses in the seats, make it easy as possible to get them to the stadium. I have been to several games in Ottawa and getting to Landsdowne Park is a breeze. It gives people a lot more incentive to get out to games if they don’t have to dread the traffic jams and all of the other pitfalls of getting from A to B in a City. If I were living there, I would certainly have season tickets. And yes, the sense of comradeship is incredible on those trips. Everyone has a common purpose and the before and after banter is a nice part of the experience.

Recently attended a game in Edmonton and found it quite easy to get to that stadium on their light rail system. No wonder they too, can fill the stadium.

Guys, no matter what, the interest isn’t there in Toronto. Only thing that will bring people to games is bring in a name like Ismail back when. IMHO. TFC fans find a way to get to BMO, it’s not like it’s the Arctic Circle. :stuck_out_tongue: The football team in Toronto is TFC, the Argos are just a sidekick, TFC salary base is some $23 mill a year or maybe even more, Argos with the CFL salary cap looks almost amateur to most people in Toronto. Tough business for the Argos in that environment to attract fans.

I don’t think the CFL ever imagined the MLS in Toronto would be way above them salary wise and interest wise as a result. Is what it is, CFL has to figure this one out.

Move the Argos outta there fast, if Halifax or wherever can built a stadium with a decent owner.

TSN had a quick 2 second clip of him heading into the locker room well ahead of the rest of the team who were on the field shaking hands and back-patting with the Argos.

Don’t know why they replace him with Pipkin in the last seconds. Given Manziel’s public frustration earlier in the season about not being on the field, he very likely took this latest incident as a gross insult. Quite frankly, I cannot fault him but he needs to keep his temper in check and roll with it.

Agonizing game to watch as I was pulling for Montreal and Maziel to get his first CFL win. I think Manziel has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the team around him also needs a lot of work.

I only watched the game out of a sense of obligation to support the league in its entirely. Judging by the empty seats, Torontonians were not so encumbered by this sentiment. It was a reasonably decent game; especially in the fourth.

But TFC fans are not CFL fans . Different demo .

Been there for the Argos when there was interest not that far gone it just didn’t die ; it was crushed .

Needs some TLC and change in the marketing but giving up is not the answer .

If CFL fans are in the suburbs and it’s a pain getting to BMO compared to Rogers you need to react with something for them .

Tickets and a easy shuttle and I will buy season tickets next year .

If your fan base needs to be catered to ; cater to them and make it easier for them to get to the stadium . It works here and I never thought I would like it . In fact I love it . Much easier to get to the stadium and there system is fantastic .

Lots of young people at the park last night . The system works .

I know my Argos have 2 more games to go, but where do we start in blowing this thing up…from top to bottom.
President, GM, HC, definitely new Co-ordinators to include on the offense and heck maybe a new free agent QB and there will be several possibilities to include Mitchell, Reilly, Lulay, Jennings?

Lullaby is injury prone .

Mitchell I think stays where he is .

Jennings is still work in progress .

Reilly and Edmonton are too strong together they will replace the coach before iron Mike unless they do one of those franchise destroying trades again like the Ray trade .

Well, for Montreal, the CFL only has itself to blame. You can’t go out and improve your team because only after when you’ve put in the work you find out, sorry, the player you wanted belongs on another team’s negotiation list. It cost Montreal an arm and leg to trade for Manziel, who should have been on their team in the first place.

The CFLs fault? Not following your logic there…

Be careful. Chris Jones would have likely signed him before the Als.

It’s Montreal’s fault for trading for him so early. Cats would have had a salary issue or wanted him away from Masoli and dealt him for less. Reed caved early.

Anyone who wants the league to tell the teams how to operate and who to sign, well that’s not the type of league I want, that’s for sure.