GDT: Argos @ Als

Along side the East’s battle for first is the East’s battle for worst. The Als and the Argos are all knotted up at six points a piece.

The first meeting was a 25-21 home win for the Als in late August. Now they get to play in back to back weeks. First in Toronto, then in Montreal.

Can one of these teams lock the other in the East division cellar? Or will they split the series, and then each lose their respective finale?

Welcome to the “Toilet Bowl” featuring “Johnny on the spot” Manziel . I’m sure that TSN is thrilled to be televising this one . I’m thinking that attendance will be hard pressed to hit 10,000 fans combined for both games in this home and home Flush Fest . They’ll be a lot of seagulls masquerading as fans unfortunately for both games with these two Sad Sacks squaring off against each other . :-[

That game in Montreal was the turning point for the Argos season. They had some momentum going into that game but I think they got caught looking ahead to the back to back with the Cats. Things went downhill pretty fast after that Montreal game in late August.

Oh well…looking forward to 2019.

Good point.

They were coming off of back to back one point wins over Ottawa and BC, but then the Als got 'em and they haven’t won a game since.

So even if they split and finish tied for last, Montreal can point to the 2-1 advantage in the head to head series over the Argos.

Toronto essentially needs a sweep of the Als in this back to back in order to fend off doormat status.

Vermonter, would you start a EDM @BC GDT, they play the late game tonight.
It will be a huge game with playoff implications

I’ve got Johnny Football with his first CFL win tomorrow

He does seem about due doesn’t he? The Als even moreso. I got Toronto but you’re giving me cold feet now, Grover. I think turnovers are going to be a negative factor for Montreal. They’re on the road, nothing to lose, they’re out of it… so let’s air it up! Manziel gets picked for a few of course but maybe an otherwise very interesting game… Argos just have that one or two plays more in the gas tank.

I have my doubts about this being an interesting game - unless mistake-filled is a form of interesting.

Well, I’ll be there none the less. Ticket has been paid for since the beginning of the season after all. :frowning:

This will be only the second game shown in the States since August 18th. >:(

Excellent representation for the CFL in the U.S.

The two last place teams in the league with nothing for which to play, while every other game this week has playoff implications.

Just great. ::slight_smile:

Back to Back games for The Brown Cup.

That's the way it goes. This league isn't rigged. You have to earn your way. Johnny knows it, all the players know it who come to play in this league. Be prepared. And coaches.

Once in a while I think it's good not to see Canada's two largest cities in the playoffs. Sounds odd for me to say that, sure, but it shows that this league is more than this.

It’s bad for the league though. The CFL needs competitive teams in its largest markets. Yes, I realize it’s 100% on the clubs to earn it. But with that being said, I don’t think a combined 6 wins for that sizeable chunk of the country’s population and sponsorship base does the league any good at all.

Got a message from my daughter this week about the Argos giving away free tickets to the game through our grandson's school yet! She wanted to know if I was interested but I declined. Didn't think sitting in the stands in Ticats colours (she's a Stamps fan) would be very kind after the drubbing we've given both teams so far! :smiley: :smiley: Really I didn't feel like driving to Toronto and sitting in the cold unless it was a Ticats game or the Grey Cup.

That being said, it might be an interesting enough game with both teams trying to prove themselves - to say nothing of playing for jobs.

RE: The seagulls - don't think even the Lakeshore gull show up for the Boatmen (that I've noticed) but those Montreal seagulls will watch ANYTHING!! :wink: :wink: ;D ;D

Regardless Toronto will have first pick in the draft since the larks gave their first rounders away to Hamilton to get their "dream" QB Johnny Football!

I picked the Argos to win this one - might give the nod to Johnny and his friends at home next week. I also put a couple of players in my fantasy lineup so I'm hoping to see LOTS of Burks and ?? (can't remember who!)

The hit on Franklin that was just called on Jermaine Robinson looked a lot like the hit that Dean was penalized for last night. A bit after the throw - but not what I would consider late - and neither high nor low - just a push in the chest.

I’m all for protecting the QB but I don’t really see the necessity of flagging hits that are legal tackles (otherwise) and only a second or so after the ball has been released. That just seems a bit much.

What’s worse for the league though IMHO is a flagship league franchise like the Riders that is in a small populated marketplace that puts tons of energy and resources into the team but can’t be competitive to be in the playoffs and be a true contender for the Grey Cup.

It’s great to see little ol’ Regina and Saskatchewan be able to stick-it to big cities like Toronto and Montreal, at least once in a while, that is just good for the league. Especially when they have gone basically all-out on a first class facility.

This league is worse off if Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver dominate year in, year out.

TD Johnny . Eugene Lewis is a good target for him .

You have to admit it one thing having a competitive team with no fans in the stands is bad optics for the league in every city . It advertises apathy .

Not sure MLSE has done anything . I sit here watching a sea of red seats on the TV side and wonder did anybody actually take a marketing course or has the monopoly of the Leafs with corporate central made them drunk on easy money .

The Argos winning the cup last year was actually a nothing burger for Toronto football fans attending games .

That win in my view was actually not good for the organization . It was a cheap win with a dumb playoff system .

Knowing that maybe being a hard working team but a better system maybe a better way to push the passion for getting fans to care .

So bring them back and fill the place when they win with a better system in place .
For the love of the CFL fix that side of the stadium with proper tarping and or marketing of tickets .

Something Argos should try …
One thing they should try is a shuttle service like Ottawa to the stadium from a large parking area . One from the east , one from the west and one from the north . The ease of getting to the stadium plus the comradeship of fellow fans going to the stadium is fantastic .

Look, the Argos and whatever owner will never pack BMO, in my mind that’s a given. Now how important is that for the league and MLSE? I don’t know.

As I’ve said throughout the years, all the CFL needs is a team in Toronto that has whatever owner that wants to keep the team active. Regardless of attendance, it’s good for the league to simply have a team in Toronto.

A big issue though is the stadium situation in Montreal. Great location but that stadium needs to be torn down for a Tim Horton’s Field type stadium that has all the modern boxes etc… ASAP. I just don’t think Montreal can do this. And that’s a problem. At least the Argos are playing in a stadium deemed “good” by an American league with it’s fans in Toronto loves the place for football, the MLS. It’s not up to a Mosaic or THF from what I’ve heard but it’s good enough. Nice canopies at least.

Percival needs to be torn down sooner than later.

Never say never . They should be doing better . WE live just over three half hours away and the fans fill the stadium so with that population even with a large immigrant population there should be better attendance .

Hamilton does better and they are what 65 mins away .

25,000 should not be that difficult .

They are failing but it’s not impossible with that amount of inventory in the size of that market .

There is something else not being delivered in TO for the CFL fan or even a football fan not to attend .

For me going to the games I do find BMO more difficult to get to than Rogers .

Don’t believe that’s the only excuse but make it easier for me to park and get directly to the stadium no TTC squeeze a ( fan shuttle ) and I will attend more for sure . Will buy seasons so others will attend with the same ease .