GDT: Argonauts @ Stampeders July 18th!

Will Nick Arbuckle continue his generally solid play? Who will be his WRs of choice this game? And can highly touted rookie RB Ka’Deem Carey make some kind of an impact on the stat sheet for the first time this season?

Have the Toronto Argonauts found a QB? Is McLeod Bethel-Thompson the real deal? Can Derel Walker add another good game to the truly excellent one he had last week? Should the Argos move James Wilder Jr. out to slotback and use another RB in his place? Or will he pull up his 4.0 yards per carry rushing average against the Stamps?

All in all, can the Argonauts pull off a big upset and notch their first victory of the season? Stay tuned! The game’s tomorrow evening.



…anything’s possible I suppose…stamps though aren’t going into this one with a solid streak of wins to make them look past the argos, so I would expect some seriousness from the horsies…the argos won’t go winless this year, but I’m not sure this road visit is where that claim happens…

For the last several years the team has been a notorious game slow starter.
No idea why, but you would think the preparation and coaching would be responsible for this.
Having said that, on paper this would be the teams best chance for a victory with the Stamps having a more than adequate back up QB.
I still do not see it, as keeping the final score to a 2 TD spread will be an accomplishment.

Blow out for the stamps. Snarly Dickinson will still be in a crappy mood from last weeks loss.

Look out Argos!

With Chuckles Chamblin in charge they’ve got a great chance at the perfect season . Keep in mind that after they lose this one (and they will ) that will leave Chamblin sitting at 0 - 14 his last 14 games as a HC combined . The man has got quite the streak going , no reason to think he would screw it up now by doing something silly like actually winning a football game for a change . ;D

Hoping for Argos to win.

So am I, but that’s not the way I’m betting.


You are “preaching to the choir”.?

Hope away but I’d be SHOCKED :o :o :o :o :o if it happens! Stamps are going to be on the rampage after losing a close one last week.
TO hasn’t done anything yet to convince me that they can beat a good team.

Who will be his WRs of choice this game?

Hopefully Rogers who’s in my fantasy lineup this week (as are Williams and Arbuckle)

A good start holding the Stamps at two and out, then with decent field position we throw it all out again with Chaps again calling his third and one up the middle again.
After three similar fiascos in Winnipeg, you would think he would learn off tackle maybe a end around.
He has to go.

So far the D has come out to play with a quick start.
That’s impressive.

He has to go.

Good luck with that! With the new coaches’ cap it’s going to be harder for teams to get rid of coaches mid season unless there’s a good replacement already on the coaching staff.

This game is starting out like the Stamps Ticats game last week - lots of defense.

I know, but here is hoping.

Wow small miracles, a lead for the second time this year.
Good start so far.

Well their defense has been keeping Arbuckle in check so far but Dickenson will no doubt make some adjustments to keep him upright,

Argos d is playing good

It’s probably going to be their strength - now that it’s starting to come together. So far they aren’t allowing the Stamps to move the ball.

AH there’s the Stamps D!! Nice pick!

And their offense!

Thompson was doing well before that interception …Calgary made them pay for it…you would think with green and walker at some point something has got to work. Good to see wilder playing with a proper size shirt. That’s all I’ll say about that .