GDT: Argonauts @ RedBlacks September 7th!

The Toronto Argonauts faded late again last week and lost another one to their rivals in Hamilton. Meanwhile their opponents in tomorrow’s game were sitting back comfortably in armchairs with beverages in hand watching the Argos self-destruct. Which team then will have the advantage tomorrow?


Is it possible for both of them to lose ? :stuck_out_tongue: :-\

CFL writers are 5 of 6 for the Argos? ? ? ?

Argos find new ways to lose every week, no lead is safe for this Argo team they have blown them all, they are on the road, Ottawa is coming off a bye week. How can anyone sane person think the Argos will win?

This game could come down to who wants to lose this game the least.

Tough to call. If Jennings and the defence play well, Ottawa has a chance. Argos are due for a win and have a decent offence.

It is a tough call because at least two variables raise question marks for the RedBlacks

-How the team will come back from the break (can be a good or bad thing)
-How Jonathon Jennings will handle the team (again can be good or bad, but maybe not as bad as Davis)

Even if Toronto is not a good team, there still was some improvement, mostly from Derel Walker and the rushing play. I find the Argo’s offence slightly better than the Redblack’s one, which could make the diffrence. But again, maybe the RedBlacks will come stronger from the bye week and maybe Jonathon Jennings will be the one we saw in 2016 (well maybe not the one from 2016 but at least an improvement)

Toronto is going to throw it, and Ottawa’s defence knows it. Ottawa has been terrible - as bad as since Year One - but is still a team comprised of vets who won the East last year and has been strong on defence.

I expect a convincing Ottawa win at home, something to stir playoff hopes, however fleetingly!

Never bet against the bye team, they win after the bye more often than not. Jennings is a non factor for me. Argo offence may be moving the ball but they are the lowest scoring team in the league by 15 points and their D has given up more points than any other team by a wide margin. From GM down they are the worst team in the league. Don’t let a few 3 quarter wins fool you, this team should rank with Hamilton’s 2003 team.

At home coming off the bye a high school team could beat this Argo team.

For the Reds this is the first of 5 games vs Toronto and BC.

IF (big if) they can somehow muster a 4-1 record in those games, then the season finale vs the Als may well have a playoff spot on the line.

Good start by the Redblacks

Wow I don’t agree with that roughing the passer call.

I must be the only one watching this game. . .

I’m watching the game tracker and reading your comments. Hurricane Dorian is outside so I’m watching that too.

Just turned it on to see the RB’s continuing the down slide .

Despite that I Love that boat logo on the Argos helmet .

Stay safe eh

Thanks. Lots of wind and rain but still got power fortunately.

Well … I tuned in about 5 left in 4th to happily see that the Rouge et Noir are getting pounded … both because it is good for the Als and because Ottawa fans (i.e., TSN1200) can be obnoxious when they win.

I don’t think Marcel Desjardins is going to be very popular in Ottawa right about now for letting all those veterans walk in the off season. Has really left Rick Campbell out to dry, and Rick will probably have to take the fall.

Got screwed byJaime Elizondoafter screwing him by not letting him even interview for the RRs job … would have been a lot easier to find a new OC in January than it was in April … IMO looks good on him … if JE was so important that Desjardins couldn’t let him interview with Sask then MD should have given JE a raise and extend the contract

Happy to see the Argos get a much-needed win. It’s never nice to have teams in the absolute basement. Parity is good for the whole league.

Double Blue is one of the rare comments I’ve seen and almost NO sportswriters hammering Ottawa’s GM for refusing to pay the free agents. It’s rare to see that many leave and continue to do well (I do realize many here dislike Harris but I think he’s better than he’s given credit for) … but the Ottawa media only interviewed Harris who claimed they never even spoke to him or returned calls. No interview with William Powell that I recall. Whatever, the Redblacks are awful - they continue to fill the stadium and so I suppose the owners are making money… like they already didn’t have a pile.