GDT: Argonauts @ Lions October 5th!

Penalties for coaches cap violations is draft picks and fines.

MLSE could choose to give away both if they feel a blow up is in order.

I definitely think Masoli to Toronto is better than 50% chance.

I disagree. Hamilton will be anxious to re-sign him, in spite of Evans’ performance. Just look at this season: one good QB is not enough.

Masoli’s preference would no doubt be to stay here, where he knows the system and he knows he can win. The Cats will offer him top dollar, and the Argos won’t be able to lure him away without exceeding the maximum.

The Argos had a chance to squeak out a win against a team that will almost assuredly miss the playoffs. What did they do? Came out completely flat, and played one of the worst games I’ve ever seen.

The best thing I took from this is that when the Argos come here on November 2, and the Ticats sit out all their best players to save them for the East Final, the Cats should still win by a hefty margin.

If Hamilton pays him too dollar they will lose free agents that they simply can’t pay.

The longer they can get away with a QB in the 350k range the longer the window to be competitive stays open.

I think they’ll make an attempt to re-sign him but the money and guarantee to start will be in Toronto or Ottawa. He’s going to be 32 years old and I can’t imagine he’s interested in being a backup or part of a QB controversy after the Manziel and Collaros stuff.

Offering Evans a raise and re-structure is a much better situation that paying Masoli Top dollar.

I also think Evans ceiling is higher than Masolis.

MLSE doesnt pay much attention to what the Argos do. Do whoever the GM, HC, front office does. The Salary caps & the fines that are in place for going over are peanuts to wat their NBA & NHL entities pay out.
As for draft picks. Im not saying they are not important. However, with the shorter contracts, the new Max for Salary for Draft picks, and the amount of Canadian players drawing interest from the NFL. Not just Canadian players that are playing NCAA any more.
But also USports players.
They are getting invited to post season US all star more than just the 2 or 3 that get invited to the Shrine game. Regional NFL combines, and the now ever popular player days are now at Canadian Universities as well.

Hence, Canadian Football players are larger & much better as a group than years ago.
Many top players from the draft CFL teams wont see for a few years or sometimes never.
Some even start out in the CFL & NFL scoops them up after 2 or 3 seasons wen they become FA’s

Which brings me to that the CFL draft of top round picks is a crap shoot.

If the penalty is to loose draft picks to go along with small fines for CFL teams that are very stable financially.
They can afford to loose them.
Wait 2 - 3 years and wait until they are free agents and get them then.

So, yes Hamilton surely wants Mosoli back but the Argos are just going to out bid them.

Well said. It is GREAT to see teams developing young QB’s in this era of the hard cap.
Opposed to just recycling the same QBs thru Free agency until they are pushing forty.
Thats not to say that Masoli at 32 is a recycle type guy.
As well as guys like Reilly, Trevor Harris, & BLM. As they still are among the top QBs in the CFL in their early 30’s.
But the Ricky Rays, Travis Lulays, & even the Kevin Glenn type of guys have ran their long pro football course. So they are Retiring and for good reasons.
As well as going after once highly drafted and short lived NFL QBs that had success in NFL or those big name QBs that Bombed from the get go like Manziel. It has not been a successful CFL strategy.