GDT: Argonauts @ Lions October 5th!

So James Franklin will start at QB for the Argonauts. Will he last the whole game or will he be yanked for McLeod Bethel-Thompson?

Will Mike Reilly continue to put up the passing stats like he’s been doing these last few games? Have the Lions really turned the corner overall? Are they actually now a competitive football club?

Since the game is basically a meaningless one when it comes to this year’s final standings, it seems to me that the team which comes out and plays with more pride will emerge with the W.


Hard for eastern teams to play evening games on the west coast so think that Reilly - who has been remaining upright a great deal more the past few games - and his pals will have the advantage. Would be surprised if the boatmen come out ahead in this late night (for the east) tilt.

Boy, those Argos are really getting boat raced.

Keep waiting for those boats on their helmets to sink a bit lower with every loss! They way they’ve been playing, they should be pretty much submerged by now! :smiley: ;D

Just got home and checked the game on tv.

The good news for me is that the smartest move I made this season was to not renew my Argonaut season ticket, and to not attend any games.

Between the lack of fan interest, pathetic attendance, and team performance, this franchise has reached an all time low imo.

Probably need to clean house again - get rid of Popp and Chamblin. Neither have been able to inspire this team. And find a QB of course unless Macbeth has done enough to get the nod. This team is toast - bigger loss than the Ticats handed them at the beginning of the season. At least they scored a few points in that one even though they lost by 50!

Not sure what message it sends to the organization, unless you want to see them fold. In which case, good job.

Having said that…

Toronto needs to clean house this week. Put Pinball in some position of power, let Masoli’s agent know they’re interested in giving him starters money.

Last time I saw something this bad it was 60-1 Cal over Hamilton. The end of the Kent Austin era.

and you choose to be part of the problem instead of the solution as far as lack of fan interest and pathetic attendance goes.

as to team performance. Doesn’t really make a difference. Not even Doug Flutie and Pinball and the rest of the players returning from the 1996 grey cup winning year made much of a diff in attendance in 97.

Team performance in Toronto is just a cop out excuse.

Well placing Franklin in the lineup for the last two games to “Showcase” his skills for a trade deadline to a team in need of at least in need of a backup that has years and CFL playing experience.
Really backfired.
They mind as well just release him.
MacBeth? Say wat you will he has thrown for over 3,000 yards and 20 TDs. I dont think he has value as a potential answer to any teams starting woes.
But he can throw the ball effectively. As well as spread the ball around.
A nice backup to have.

Its O’connor time to start at QB this week.
He is an Ontario Kid.
The Argos play home againt another awful team in Ottawa.
The timing couldnt be more perfect.
He should get every first team rep at QB in practice.

Scary part is who one of the leading candidates being floated about for a new GM is

Personally, I think he would be a good fit in the Bomber O

Ya know i agree. The Bombers are Rock solid in every phase.
Once it was official that Matt Nichols was done for the season. They really fell apart.
Frankly, Franklin could also be a nice fit in Edmonton as well. That is where he started and Knows Maas system. Which was Milanovich’s system in Toronto with Maas as QB coach Ricky Ray as QB and a yung trevor harris developing under the same.
Oh and Kilgore was also around for some of that.
The Esks need to squeeze out one win to get into the playoffs. That or a BC loss and they face off this week in Edmonton.
Should Harris not be able to return. Edmonton is the on team where Franklin or another QB Familiar with that System trickled down from Milanovich would prolly be up to replace Kilgore as a Starter.
Oh & Zack Collaros…
A backup along with Trevor Harris behind Ricky Ray. With Maas as QB coach all under Milanovich.
Hmmm. Very interesting

Oh and it was Trestman last season that didnt like Franklin as Rays replacement & said it publically in so many words.
Now karma got him as he is a HC in the XFL.

You would start a promising rookie qb on this team? You want to ruin him???

Against Ottawa. With the Argos still playing their starters. With all the receiver weapons they have at home. In Toronto.
Before everyone starts playing back ups in the last couple weeks wen many teams fate is sealed for better or worse.
how many rookies are thrown in to start on bad teams early in the season. That havent got a clue about the 3 down game in Canada.

Absolutely, start the kid and give him some playing time, I have been saying that for the past several weeks.
Since the coaching staff will not be back and also Popp, may as well showcase the kid for the team next year.
We know the cupboard is bare otherwise with the useless QB’s.
As for the manangement side, since the Pinball has been very visible the last few weeks and there have been rumours, he would be my President.
Bring back Eric Tillman from the prospective Halifax team as that is rumoured and then have either O’Shea or Lapolice as the head coach.Either would be fine with me.
The team should make every effort to go after Masoli as a FA at year end.

Fired GM’s and Coaches contracts still count against this cap

Interesting - thanks for posting.

Unless either Popp or Chamberin are on expiring contract the current Management Cap will be tested … wonder if the CFL will stand tall or tweak the rules … ALWAYS made more sense to me to model the system on players cap … dollars paid out during he season … otherwise teams get saddled with bad coaches and impacts not only on-field performance but fan interest as well … it is unfair that management/coaches get guaranteed contracts and players don’t, but that is the. environment in which the CFL operates … NFL and NCAA contracts offer stability for management/coaches … CFL has to offer same or they can’t compete … but under the current cap system that stability condemns teams that make mistakes, and the fans of those teams.

Poop’s contract is up after this year so no cap implications.

Now with Chamblin, he’s the DC as well. If they decide to ‘demote’ him, how much of his salary would count if any? If he won’t accept the demotion, then he can resign and I don’t think it would affect the cap. That would be 3 spots opened up. I would leave the rest of the staff in place and let the new GM and HC make those calls.