GDT: Argonauts @ Eskimos July 25th!

Which player could show up big for the Argonauts this week? Will it be S.J. Green who finally hits his stride and makes a mark on the stat sheet? Dare Argonaut fans hope it might be QB Mcleod Bethel-Thompson?

Will Trevor Harris bounce back from his sub-par game last week? Will Shaquille Cooper step seamlessly into C.J. Gable’s shoes at the RB slot?

Stay tuned! The game’s late tomorrow.


The Argos look like they’re slowly getting their act together, but not quickly enough to pull out a win, especially against the Eskies.

This one will be ugly.

For the Argos, SJ Green will continue to sleepwalk through his patterns like the tin man…needing a heart.

Hopefully, Derel Walker will keep his trajectory heading skyward. Finally starting to figure things out in double blue.

If any of his other receivers are able to find their way off the bus, MBT may have a good game. Not a winning game, but a good game.

Might be time for Toronto to consider changing jerseys from blue to red, so it doesn’t clash with all those penalty flags the secondary continues to earn.

For the Eskimos, Tre Harris, the king of three-yard passes, will continue to impress…no one.

Without C.J. Gable or DaVaris Daniels, Edmonton will have trouble finding the end zone.

Expect a defensive battle (which is CFL-ese for “boring.”)

I think that the Eskies can pull it off.

Keep in mind though that the Argonauts will themselves be without James Wilder Jr. and Armanti Edwards. That likely means more two-and-outs on the part of the Argos and more opportunities for the Eskimos to score.


They might be better off without Wilder. Actually, he’s done OK as a receiver but lousy as a carrier.

Losing Edwards hurts, though.

With Chamblain back in Toronto after a year away. His defense is getting back into its GC form now.
As HC as well he will need to take a hard look at the Offense & Special Teams.
They have offense talent.
W/o an experienced starting QB. Chappy needs to scheme for wat he has.
MacBeth & the O are really out of sinc. So that will take some time. MacBeth has talent & has been around the 3 down game enuff now. So he could be like a Matt Nichols game manager in the right scheme.
If the Argos continue to bomb into the middle 3rd of the season. At wat point do i give O’Connor a shot?

Agree. Wilder is not a loss. Edwards is.

MacBeth and his receivers are out of sync, starting with SJ Green. Walker is catching on. The others…it has almost appeared at times as if the receivers don’t want to try for MBT. Don’t know if they’re waiting for Franklin’s return or something else at play, but it has been noticeable.

Oh ya for sure they are. Zero running game. Pretty sure bet that everyteam is stacking the box to stop Wilder. Hense his lack of production.
Daring them to pass & its working.

Yes all of this, plus players simply not good enough.
Not to forget the coaching which obviously lacks in game preparation and the necessary adjustments during same.
Another blowout expected tonight.

I said it in another thread: The players aren’t as bad as it looks, and a couple are quite good, but it so often seems they look lost and confused, which goes directly to game planning, scheme, teaching, training; in a word - coaching.

Bethel-Thompson threw 4 interceptions last game; and now he starts off with another.

Sit him down and let’s see what Prukop has.

Decent start by the D in the take away, then MBT does it again with a horrid vertical throw with the receiver wide open as it was under thrown by a good five yards.

HC finally wins a challenge and then the penalty gives it all back.

And here we go again.

Since when did TSN decide that CFL FOOTBALL broadcasts be treated as promos for UFC ?

Well so far neither team seems to be missing their “starting” RB - Cooper and Burks are doing just fine.

That’s for sure.

Chamblin has to make a switch at QB.

Back at the room where I can watch the game on a TV with sound!?

Ah MUCH better posting on my computer (now that I don’t have to use it as a TV) than on my phone.