GDT: Argonauts @ Blue Bombers July 12th!

Are the Argonauts as bad as their record seems to indicate? Will receivers S.J. Green and Derel Walker finally play up to their rep on Friday evening? Can James Wilder Jr. be as dominant again as he was late in 2017?

Will Andrew Harris pile up the stats on the other side of the ball? Which Blue Bomber receiver(s) will lead the pack this game? Will Chris Streveler see any action in relief of Matt Nichols?


Stay tuned! All will be revealed by late tomorrow evening!


Are the Argos that bad? Worse.

Will SJ Green and Derel Walker play up to their reps? Absolutely not. Green has no heart, Walker is just collecting a check. Both are breaking Argo hearts this year.

Wilder? Write him off. Doubt he’ll even be in the starting lineup by week 12.

Harris will run up stats because the Bombers will jump out to an early lead, and the team is too classy to run up the score. Streveler will definitely play some, running a few plays in the first half before coming in for cleanup duties in the 4th quarter.

The only danger here is Winnipeg overlooking the lowly Argonauts, a la Montreal vs Hamilton. But O’Shea isn’t first-year HC Steinauer…don’t think he’ll let that happen.

Someone is an “eager beaver” to have this thread up and running already!

Yes the Argos ARE bad - not necessarily their talent - there are good players there - but the use (of lack thereof) of some players! And until they have a bone fide QB some of the high priced talent is not going to 'earn their keep" Can’t catch the ball if you’re rarely targeted and can’t throw the ball if you’re not on the field.
And Winnipeg is the unbeaten team playing at home!

I’m hoping Harris puts up some BIG numbers since I put him in my fantasy lineup this week - I think for the first time ever - in spite of the high price tag.

But O’Shea isn’t first-year HC Steinauer…don’t think he’ll let that happen.

Steinauer may be a first year HC but he’s savvy and I don’t think his inexperience as a HC was responsiblefor the upset. Apparently they lost a HUGE chunk of their game plan when SET was injured early in the game since they had a number of plays planned using SET and Coombs that couldn’t be used. That doesn’t excuse the D of course who couldn’t seem to adjust to stop Stanback. Anyway that’s a topic for another thread and day.

Remember last week in Montreal? Could the same thing happen in Winnipeg?

What a couple of ignorant comments regarding Green and Walker. Green has shown heart ever since he joined the league. As for Walker don’t accuse him of being a Pay Cheque Collecter because the OC has had trouble getting him involved. Not sure what your issue is with Wilder either.

Well for one thing he is considerably over-rated not to mention narcissistic to a fault .
Another thing is that maybe the team could find him a jersey that actually fits him instead of being 2 sizes too small . :PYes ya got great abs there Jimmy boy but seriously dude get a jersey that fits ya you ego maniac .

I’m predicting “No”.


Winnipeg takes this one.

Neither Toronto, nor Montreal are teams that I tend to root for but it has reached the point where I feel so sorry for these sad sack teams that I tend to be silently happy on those rare occasions when they win.

BTW, have the poor old Als got an owner yet?

Those 3 need to step it up though if the Boatmen are to have a chance.

Appropriate response by Hogan

Upset of the week possibly?

Well, they almost beat the Leos last week, so…


Meh…Toronto’s in no position to poke fun…

Winnipeg is just as hot as Toronto anyways, so it makes them look stupid. Now winter is much different…

But I don’t see how the Bomber Media reply was degrading our own product.

Argos tend to look worse when playing at home, in front of those embarrassing crowds. The Bombers are unlikely to take any opponent lightly, at any time in any game, and will probably win this one by about three majors.

I just do not see under any circumstance how my Argos could pull the upset of the year, similar to what the Als did to the Cats last week.
Even though the BB have no players leading in any of the important defensive or offensive catagories, the Argos are brutal on all sides of the ball.
We will be lucky to keep it a 3 TD spread game.

I think the point was that they were insinuating that the CFL is not a fun or engaging enough brand of football to watch. Of course it does depend on the team and often the game or match up. Anyway it was a bit snarky to respond that way.

Have to agree - and Chamblin seems to be back to being as arrogant as ever. Not an endearing trait for HC trying to rally the troops. The players’ lack of reaction ( dead silence) to last week’s pregame speech said a lot as far as I’m concerned.

And just like that - BB with the kick off return TD!!

Whitehead says Unlikely…LOL