GDT: Argonauts @ Alouettes

Bede seems to run hot and cold - making tough kicks at times and missing shots that you'd think would be automatic.

Looks like some of the boatmen are going down like flies - or should that be drunken sailors? :smiley: :wink:

I LOVE the CFL but they really need to speed up these games. They should shoot for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Sadly, we are never close.

Johnny Football might have to get a new knickname, Hardluck Johnny. He comes up here to get back to playing football, but he has to sign with a team that already has a starting QB and who throws for a ton of yards game in and game out. He finally goes to a team that has QB problems where he can be a starter, gets injured, and now it looks like he’s going to be supplanted by his back-up…

An Argo loss could REALLY help us at the end of the year. Given our (the Ticat) schedule, we could use all the help we can get.

A poorly played game. A Western team would smoke both of these teams.

Start the flippen game. The last minute has taken 8 minutes of real time.


Edmonton didn't win by a ton over the larks last week as I recall even though Reilly threw for a ton of yards.

Larks have the lead but have they left too much time on the clock? Boatmen have made it to mid field in one play and still have time left unless the lark's D comes up with a BIG play.. At worst they could force overtime.

Is Toronto out of miracles??

This will be a LONG kick.

LOL. Hit the upright and the Als win. :slight_smile:

Medeiros is going to need a huge kick to make a 57 yarder - and he misses!!

Larks fans are going crazy like they just won the Grey Cup! :smiley:

Wow, another thrilla! Montreal may have found their qb of the future. What about that Als d, stalwart effort for the victory for the Als.
Just pure entertainment once again. I could watch games like this all night long.

Bethel-Thompson, huge mistake with that last throw to Wilder.

That was a very entertaining game.

Neither coach seemed too keen on winning in the last 2 minutes. Both were happy with a tie, but Toronto didn’t even want that badly enough.

Larks have helped to give us some more breathing room by handing the boatmen a loss. I figured they boatmen would manage the win but the larks were just TOO desperate for a win!

The last two days of an Argo fan…

48 hours ago: We’re going to be alone in second place!

24 hours ago: We’re going to be tied for second place.

Now: What the hell?!

Too long.

Tough lose for Toronto. Mederios had enough leg for a 67 yard field goal just unfortunate he hit the post.