GDT: Argonauts @ Alouettes

I just saw that Bear Woods starts for the Boatmen.
Add the return of Anthony Coombs last week (who scored a TD) against the Lions, and I’m feeling a bit more confident that this won’t be a trap game for the Double Blue.

Can anyone confirm that Alouettes’ RB Tyrell Sutton is out (injured)?
Significant blow to Als offense if he is.

William Stanback gets the start, I believe Sutton is headed for the injury list.

Yup heard that Sutton is definitely out - but if you're watching you'll have seen that by now! :smiley:

This game looks like it could be close but it's early so we'll see. Larks are getting desperate I'm sure for win #2 and they haven't been blown out by either Ottawa or Edmonton in the last couple of weeks. They're starting to look a bit better and just forced a fumble. I'm counting on the Argos though - put some in my fantasy lineup this week including Macbeth!

So far it looks like a kicking fest between FGs and punts - kickers have been the busiest guys on the field it seems.

Not a bad game so far.

It's definitely getting more interesting since the actually starting moving the ball and scoring TD's instead of constant kicking. Looks like this one could go either way! Still a half to go.

Manziel may find himself a backup throughout the rest of this year if this Pipkin keeps playing like this and showing improvement as he has. I like him, the guy has talent.

He’s almost making Manziel look like an extra - except that they gave up too much in that trade NOT to play Johnny when he’s well again. And they’ve already released one player (Landon Rice) acquired in the trade. Looks like a salary cap move.
A surprise that Pipkin was the QB released after training camp while Willy and Matthews both hung around to start - at least until they were injured! :o :o :o

In Montreal’s defense, they look better in recent weeks.

By diving after the push, Cunningham hurt himself falling back into the 2nd Argo.

I think that loss to the Ticats by almost 40 points was a real wake up call for them! They've looked better since and their D seems to be rounding into form a bit more. They're certainly giving their fans a bit more to cheer about lately.

Their receiving core leaves a lot to be desired…

Terrible throws!

You know what they say… “Pipkin aint easy”.

Nice catch. Not sure I see the interference.

Between the 20’s.

Will the Als actually win one?

Wow!!! And he missed the extra point. ;D Not the Als year.

The Amazing Pipkin - do you think he’s any relation to The Amazing Kreskin, Earl?

Lewis doesn't look bad and Cunningham is usually pretty good but Jackson has been a bust ever since he signed there! Stanback seems to be doing a decent job carrying the ball but other than that, the receiving ranks are pretty thin.

Well if they can successfully finish this drive we might be in for a surprise. :o :o :o :o Under 3 minutes to go.

Their fans are certainly into the game - for a change