GDT: Argonauts @ Alouettes October 18th!

Say it isn’t so!!! :o :o :o Not from a Ticats fan! :o :o :o

I will not admit to this behaviour in myself.

I know, I know…

They are just so…well…pathetic.

I can’t help but feel a little sympathy.

But my little ounce of sympathy turned them around and now they are losing by 10…

I will be sure to use these sympathetic powers for good in the future :slight_smile:

Larks putting the “pedal to the metal” and regain their 10 point lead. Crowd is noisy- Khari still jumping on the sidelines - maybe to stay warm?

They’re trying to come back once again - and score another TD! :o ???

not the worst game … going down to the wire. :slight_smile:

End of first half, “Okay game.”
Now, “Not the worst.”

You sir, are damning this game with faint praise.

and Super J Green drops it, lol.

will that cost them tying the game.

edit: nope.

well into field goal range…looks like we are going into OT.


Good game for sure.

This one could go to overtime - IF Crapigna doesn’t get a repeat of the 2014 (?) I think Vanier Cup and have his FG attempt blocked. :o

Nothing to laugh about sir!


the reverse jinx works.

Toronto loses.

No block but looks like the attempt fell a bit short - not sure. Anyway boatmen continue to sink! But they did make it interesting in the second half and larks did NOT cover the spread.

I’d say that it did cost them the game. Not sure how long that FG attempt was but they might have been closer or even scored another TD had SJ hung on to the ball. No way of knowing for sure of course.

On to the left coast to see how our feline cousins fare against the “greenies”

In addition to al new QB’s, we also need a FG kicker.
Crapigna is crap, in pro ball if you cannot at least hit a 50 yard in the air through the posts or even wide as this was a good 5 yards short.

definitely rooting for our feline cousins to take out the green machine.

Which also reminds me, why weren’t the back up QB’s in the game for the entire second half.
We know how MBT should not be back next year, I want to see the Canadian kid Michael O’Connor.
Another reason why Chamblis is a horrid HC and definitely is/should be gone.

Pretty good game though! Looks like the underdogs aren’t going down easily tonight.


52 Yards