GDT: Argonauts @ Alouettes October 18th!

LeoVegas has the Montréal Alouettes as 10.5 point favourites. Do you agree? Or do you think the Argonauts can make a statement tomorrow and demonstrate that they’re not as bad as their record indicates?


Als will beat the spread.

Rooting for the Als to get boatraced, but doubt that they will even lose.

Now that the Ticats have clinched first, I can follow my natural instinct and cheer for the Argos to lose.

Plus, a win here just might make the Als unwarrantedly confident going into next week.

For all of us born and raised in Hamilton, yes that is most definitely a natural instinct !

More on the line for the Argos than the Als.

Bowman arguably the Als best DL is out. The Als O Line has a hole with Washington out.

Would not be surprised if the Argos(Boatmen) row themselves to a W tonight.
Hope I am wrong.

Do not, repeat… do NOT have to have been born in Hamilton.

How? They have been “playing for next years’ contract” for weeks now and it hasn’t done much … and neither team has any immediate pressure on them.

AGREED ! ! !

Disagree. With change in management, one would hope they play with a little more intensity.

Johnson after the game :

“Toronto came out to play. These guys are fighting for pride,? Johnson said. “These guys are fighting for a job. They’re going to come out hard and play their lights out.?

Should be a fun game.

Wife’s out getting a pizza and some cold beers. A nice night of CFL before our afternoon game tomorrow.

I’ll agree to that too! In fact I was born in Toronto and STILL don’t cheer for the boatmen!

Think that the sinking boatmen will play with a bit more intensity so I don’t think the larks will cover the spread BUT I do think they’ll win. They’ve been tough to beat on their home field - especially if the fans get going (which they don’t seem to be yet). Larks are overall the better team IMO - especially when it comes to coaching! AND if the boatmen want to see some of their backups (thinking QBs as they have apparently dressed four tonight unless one was a scratch) then they may not be fielding their strongest lineup later in the game. Guess we’ll see - the game is underway and the defenses so far are not allowing much - larks more than the boatmen.

As half time approaches larks have a 10 point lead on the boatmen - and the ball.

been an ok first half.

nothing too exciting, but not the worst football I’ve seen this year.

Hope and $27.50 will get you a coffee at Tim’s.

Nope - not great but not terrible for sure. We’ll see if the boatmen can get anything going this half but it’s not off to a promising start. When do they pull Macbeth and put in Prukop or O’Connor?

Not sure about Prukop but I don’t imagine that O’Connor would be any worse than what we’ve seen from the leaky boatmen.

B-T heating up and Boatmen in lead. Turned into a real game.

won’t admit it, but I’m kinda rootin’ for the Argos.

Show Montreal that they might just be a “little” (ok, a lot) overrated.


was that some form of reverse jinx, lol…

I’d say that it looks like the larks fell into one of the Ticats former bad habits and fell asleep after half time - or took their foot off the gas with just a point lead. Khari is bouncing on the sidelines - expect that the larks will bounce back too and break the hearts of the boatmen once more.

And as I was typing Johnson just ran half the field and scored a TD to put the larks back on top.