GDT: Als vs Bombers - Week 3 - Fri 10 Jul 15

It's a scorcher in Winnipeg tonight!

30 celsius, so hot the Bombers are allowing people to bring in their own water bottles.

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Here is a great page with stats and starting line-ups.

With both teams sitting at 1-1, this is looking to be a great one (hopefully for the Blue!)

which blue :wink:

C'est Bleu Bombers :smiley: :smiley:

I think this will be the most interesting game of the week, if for nothing more than to see if Rakeem Cato can repeat his performance of last week. I'm sticking with my prediction of a Winnipeg victory. I like the foundation of this team, it's a team with a lot of upside....

True Blue 8)

Not sure if trying to lull me into a false sense of security, or...

JK man, yeah looking forward to a great game!

Golf delaying game on TSN 1.

To those that record their games so they can skip commercials--and maybe even penalties--it might be better to record on TSN 2 or 3 from now on, lest risk losing the beginning of games.

Hell with that. RDS and Pierre Vercheval al the way.

Blow out of the week.
Montreal +25 points.

Thought that took place in your bathroom.

Winnipeg +9 pts.

I thought Id go with the Peggers too so I hope they dont let me down here. Now if the Larks continue with those short passes and depend on the receiver to pick up YAC the Peggers could be in trouble since they haven`t been too great at stopping the run so far. However with enough pressure Cato tosses an almost-pick.

I'm not used to not being in the East and having all these Cats fans actually 'cheering' Winnipeg.

It was a pick-off

Nope, actually being sincere. Unlike previous years, the Bombers this year actually went out and signed some free agents. They also have a pretty good coaching staff filled with guys I have a lot of respect for, and Mike O'Shea....

The only real failing I see with the Bombers is the lack of player depth, but it takes time to build that up.

OK thanks I thought I saw the ref motion no-catch since he looked to be out of bounds but given Winnipeg's FP I realized it must have stood as an interception.

Well Willy got them far enough down the field that Harulljah (sp - I'll get it right eventually) is able to out some points on the board for the home team.

Bombers getting some early pressure here on Cato and a sack.

It would appear that Calgary wasn't getting the same kind of pressure last week since he seemed to have no problem getting his passes away

Whoa NICE bomb from Willy to Denmark there!

2 FG's - 6-0 Winnipg

Yes moving the ball well but red zone production leaves something to be desired. FGs won't cut it if the Larks start scoring TDs and right now they are marching down the field - well until a penalty moves them back a bit. End of the first.