GDT - Als v Lions

Never mind who is qbing for the Lions, this game will come down to whether or not the Als oline has improved enough to give AC time to throw against the BC onslaught. What happened there last season, was it 12 sacks for the Leos ? I don't expect a repeat of that but I have to give the edge to the Leos as I think there front 4 are going to feast on bird tonight.

should be an interesting game

bc’s offence hasnt been clicking lately…i expect the als to win.

Lions - 27
Als - 24

This should definitely be a good game. I can't imagine the Lions continuing their skid... but who knows. I picked the Als in the VGCC, so here's hoping for a home upset.

If Jarius goes down tonight, it's Gino or Sankey. Better hope we can keep him healthy for all 4 quarters. Our team is rested although we do still have some key injuries. Forget the top two QB's, our best OL Murphy is playing hurt and so is Geroy. Gonna be a long night if the reserves can't step in and get the job done.

Montreal hasn't won at BC Place in 6 years, I hope the trend continues. Going to be a good, close game regardless.

What kind of crowd are the Lions expecting tonight? I know I'll be there but curious if we'll get around 35,000.

I’m ready! Went out and got my snacks: three kinds of chips, some peanuts, and a whole bunch of candy. I’m set for the weekend.

(Also got some Blue. Wouldn’t be the LDC without it.)

…got a chocotini or six in there for me? You are, after all, designated mixer now…

Just over an hour, boys, and the weekend of fun begins…

I was kind of hoping you'd forget about that... :lol: Dons apron

This is torture. Who thought it'd be a good idea to start the game at 10:30. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's only an 8:30 start time in my neck of the woods....that gives me more pre-game beverage time.....:stuck_out_tongue:

Curse the EST. I'll be stumbling around before halftime... :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like I'm not the only one enjoying a few. How many words has Shultz stumbled over now? :lol:

Who cares about Schultz....dude makes a lotta sense when I have a drink in my hand.....

to me, everything says montreal win...

thats why bc will probably win.

Wow. Doom doesn't look that full. Have the B.C. fans lost faith in their Lions? :stuck_out_tongue:

its a nice evening, last friday before school, PNE, some people on strike, etc.

lol - Freudian slip there, Chief? Doom - fans losing faith.....

:oops: And that's why it's important to pace yourself, jm. :lol: