GDT: Als @ Ticats

The winner of this game will be one of only two or three CFL teams to cap their season with a victory.

The Ticats have all the momentum, so the Als are gonna have to dig deep if they want to end their ten game losing streak.

Just a note to the gentleman in the VGGC thread who picked the Als, that he will be visited shortly for a urine sample.

You wouldn't want to know the results. In a game where nothing matters short of pride i have no issue going against the odds. When / if the Al's win I will have bragging rights. If they lose no biggie everyone expects it anyway.

As an Als fan my heart hopes you`re right. But we all know how the Als season has gone.

Ça n'arrivera pas. Surtout pas avec une ligne offensive composée de 4 américains et d'un canadien éclopé, ce qui veut dire une tonne de recrues solutions de rechange sur le terrain. Les Alouettes sont une proie facile présentement. Je prévois un autre massacre en faveur de Hamilton.

Thank cripes TSN decided to assign Rotten Roddy for play by play duties of this CFL nothing game. Perfect assignment for BS Black & Fordie… so this game features the worst broadcaster in CFL history (sorry Joe Galat you weren’t a broadcaster), the worst GM (K Reed, about as demented as his sidekick Drowsy Joe Mack) and the worst coach in recent CFL history (same Kavis Reed)

As far as QBs go - Als superstar and $425,000 man Darian Durant ain’t no piece of cake either.

Just a whole lot of dismal going down tonite - shouldn’t let Ticat man-about-town Kent Austin off the hook, nor Cheesy Ticats owner Bob Young.

I wouldn't be surprised either. Often in these games, the back-ups get more opportunities to play and are out to prove they should be starting next season.

Rotten Rod & Fordie sure were vascillating at maximum speed after the Lenard pick 'n fumble. . . . . . going back from sure being down to guaranteeing he was still viable and thus a fumble.

Hard to listen to Black trying to think - one human trait he has little to no standing in!

Ouch, Duane is probably now the enemy of TFC soccer fans alluding that he hopes the TFC playoff game doesn't mess up the turf at BMO for an Argos playoff game. Ok, I know Duane had a huge smile on his face saying this and was just messin' around knowing that would peeve off the TFCers but still, Duane, those soccer fans are nutso, don't you know? Watch your head buddy! Too funny!;D

World's longest option, yup, you nailed it Duane or was it Rod that said it whatever! Fun stuff man. Makes this meaningless sort of game fun to watch at least.

Evvverry play is a futile display by the Als. Just speechless to see something this inept called pro football.

I see the replay booth got an early start on marijuana legalization on that challenge on a he Tasker phantom catch

Not much of a test for Masoli tonight but he does look like a leader on the field tonight and next year ?

I think Wettenhall has to part company with The Country Squire, Kavis Reed before he even gets back into the Als dressing room for one long, smother-mouthed sob story.

The guy is incompetent. Plain 'n simple.

Makes CFL mopes like Drowsy Joe Mack, Lord Lyle Bauer & Maggot Mike Kelly look like second comings of Bill Bellichick and Vince Lombardi.

Didn’t imagine Als would play this badly this game. Seems nobody told the TiCats that they also missed the playoffs. Wow.

June Jones obviously has got his team. Looking forward to see TiCats back in form next year.

Wettenall may as well just deal with the inevitable: fire Kavis.

If you fire the coach and think you are better suited you better see an improvement . Reed did not improve the team and his ability to motivate his personnel was non existent . Not sure how you keep him . He would have bought some time if he let the season play out with Chappy and Thorpe .

I thought he already publicly stated that Reed is back next year.

I think the Cats are poised with Jones as HC and Masoli to do great things next year.

Als have a lot of work to do.

Greed seems to be the operative principle surrounding the Wettenhalls. Reluctance to fire Kavis cuz they'd have to pay him a few hundred thou might be the greedy move - but it would alienate an already disturbed fanbase beyond the pale. Way beyond the pale. Kavis would be best advised to take the suitcase of money- and disappear!

Cats should be able to wheel and deal for their highly paid #1 QB - either a 1st rd. draft pick or perhaps a solid canuck OL or DL.

Boob Young should also consider parting company with Kent Austin who doesn't appear to be in charge of much of anything these days.

Still need to be more disciplined and add at least 1 dynamic offensive force (WR or RB) but I expect the Ticats to bebetween 8-10 and 11-7 next season; my money's on 10-8 if GI Jones returns.