GDT: Als @ Stamps

Well this should be a pretty close game. Down to the wire.

A nail biter and a barn burner, simultaneously.

I don't know but I am picking Montreal in a mega-upset.

I voted for "tie" because the Stamps tie someone every year recently (it seems) and they didn't tie Ottawa last week (their usual victim).

LOL you do realize Calgary is playing at home!

Don't know if I have the stomach for this impending slaughter of the poor old Als. Then again this is the CFL and anything is possible......

Yup. Als beat the Stamps last season, so you never know.

Of course this is the game they shown on ESPN 2. Of the 17 regular season games being shown on ESPN 2, 6 involve the Alouettes. Yikes!

Time for them to share the experience with their own fans.

If it isn't always going to be Ottawa it doesn't always have to be on the road.

Obviously I am being intentionally silly.

Very close game right up to the coin flip.

Seriously though, if BLM is not at 100% this could be a good game.

Well ............... so much for that theory

With the time he is getting he could be in a wheelchair.

I don't know what it is and I can't explain it, but I really think the Stamps are gonna win this one. :o ;D

I really loathe the Stampeders.

Don't know about you guys but Boxcar Willy #5 barking out signals sounds like a chipmunk who just had root canal work. He's mumbling like the dickens and I wonder if this is part (not all) of the Als problem - his team can't understand what the hay the guy is saying!

Hmm, you may have something there.

Next up. Matthew Shiltz

Matt Schiltz over Drew "Boxcar" Willy looks like Joe Namath vs. Max "Hobo" Hall

Shiltz has a sense of urgency and his call-outs are 10x clearer than Boxcar's . . . . just needs a bit of seasoning . . . . unfortunately Montreal isn't the right place for young QB kid to be groomed . . .

Nothing like throwing him in the fire.

Facing the top d.

LOVE your description! LOL LOL ;D ;D

Surprisingly it isn't an outright slaughter - yet - 18 point deficit isn't the worst it could be but the offense sure hasn't done much so far. Young Schlitz does seem to have them moving here a bit. Larks D have helped to keep it as close as it is thus far.

listening to Boxcar now. Doesn't sound like a chipmunk to me. I had forgotten about him. Always liked him

Wonders never cease - larks just scored a TD :o- although that Stamps penalty that aided their drive, was rather weak so it seems.