GDT: Als @ Riders

These two teams won't play again until the final day of September.

Should be a barn burner. 8)

I'm hoping we see something from the Als, but I expect it will be a cakewalk for the Riders.

After last week’s horrible performance in Ottawa I’m not comfortable predicting anything. We have the talent no doubt, but are they gelling as a team?

We are currently in the midst of a major heatwave here in the Hammer . Temperatures soaring into the mid 30 to 40 range . It's also long weekend so I'll probably be out on the porch drinking beer and tossing darts with my son . I' ll most likely sneak indoors from time to time just to check out the score BUT in all honesty I'm not really all that interested in this game between the two teams who I honestly believe will turn out to be the respective cellar dwellers in the East and West this season .

Now with all that being said I also believe that it won't take much effort on the Riders part to put this sorry excuse of a team from Montreal away tonight and send them on to their record 14th loss in row .

Kind of strange that there's no Sunday game, for Canada Day.

I can see maybe not playing one if it falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday. But Sunday?

too many other Canada Day events.

Excellent pre-game ceremonies, but the anthem was just a bit "off" somehow (IMO).

Like the infamous Vegas anthem?

Well done Riders!

Great pre-game ceremonies dedicated to Humboldt Broncos and that horrid personal bus crash tragedy.

33,000+ = 1st sellout of the CFL season. . . . .

Great to see comments from Jock, Matt & Milt w/ Rod Smith

Another positive note - NO ROD BLACK - - - - Rotten Rod only gets 1 out of this week's 4 games - which is a step in the right direction for TSN football coverage. I hope Rod realizes he's being phased out. . . . . he got away with so much for far too long!

Regardless of how bad they looked in Ottawa last week, the Riders still didn't look as bad as Montreal at home against a rookie QB!
I'm surprised that the larks got ANY votes (to win) at all! :o

Ah yes - yesterday was Hamilton's "lucky" day with Rod and Duane calling their game last night. But then they tend to get more of the eastern games than the western.

Thought it looked like a very full house. Congratulations Sask on a fine ceremony to recognize the team and their supporters.

It's a good thing that Bridge can scramble - but the gain is all for nothing.

I'm still laughing like a wild hyena after Chris Cuthbert called

"Drew Willy with a QB draw, stopped by Samuel Hurl"

Two ex-Bomber hobos, still fighting to stay on CFL rosters!!!


Took the better part of a quarter but the "green machine" finally started to roll - only to be intercepted - but I see the larks have returned the favour!

This appears to be the battle of the inept OLs - neither team seems to be able to do a good job of protecting their QBs!

This game is up for grabs until one of these offences takes charge.

Very real possibility Montreal takes this game.

These must be the two worst OLs in the league

Bridge had a big time pass dropped early in the first by Thigpen. Right in the numbers and Thigpen bumbled his way and the ball.

Despite the close score 3-3 w/ under 5 min. left in 1st half - this game is virtually unwatchable. Boxcar Willy is as shaky a performer as I’ve seen in the last 25 CFL seasons; Sask’n offense not that much better but plagued by drops and poor coaching decisions!

Bad officiating starting to infest this game! I’m gonna watch Ransom on CBS w/ Eric Beaumont!