GDT: Als @ Riders

If the Riders can hold serve at home, it could make next week's showdown with Edmonton pretty interesting.

I think most right-minded fans are expecting a full out hog slaughter tonite in Regina.

However, that won’t happen.

Quirky Porky Jones won’t want to unleash full fury on a meaningless game to be sure. Will prolly hold out N Roosevelt (their best WR) til last game vs. Edmonton.

Besides - Jones is analyzing whether his team has a better chance going into IGF w/ 2000 to 4000 home-siders making the tractor trek to Winnipeg than travelling all the way to a packed Ottawa (or even lonely old BMO) for the crossover.

Should be noted Edmonton is making similar considerations.

Toronto and Ottawa have subservient records but right now they’re both better football teams than Winnipeg.

So it really appears both Edmonton and Regina want to feast on a succulent roasted pork dinner of Big Blue w/ all the trimmings including Mik O’Shea in shorts during -10 weather.

Why would anyone NOT want to play Winnipeg in the playoff? They’re hurt, they’re dazed, they’re confused - the fans are mad, no one seems to be in control and things are generally NOT RIGHT.

Only differentiation is that Edmonton still has a chance to score the western final vs. the gimpy bombers. However, I don’t think Esk fans will show up in droves to watch the Esks feast on the gimpy bombers - perhaps 20,000 to 23,000.

Sask’n has no chance of securing 2nd in west and a home gate at New Archaic - so they might just barf up tonite’s match vs. the Als and guarantee themselves the cross over, start preparing - and thus avoid Edmonton, Winnipeg & Calgary until a potential Grey Cup confrontation.

However, if both Edm & Sask’n consider Winnipeg a free spot on the bingo card shouldn’t they both want a piece of Wpg?

Logically yes, but the CFL is not always logical.

Winnipegmight be a walkover - but Calgary (despite Pope Levi’s recent struggles) aren’t.
CFL News?
I really hope everyone stands & gives me a warm ovation because I think I deserve it.
- Darian Durant via @rodpedersen
7:21 PM - 26 Oct 2017

Who says something like that? Where is his humility? I can think of only one other person who would come up with such a self serving and self loving comment, and he isn't to well liked in the U.S at the moment as their leader.

What are you smoking?

Toronto rather shocked people last game with a whopping 1 point victory that was only achieved with a 39 yard fg miss and the Bombers rather pummeled the Redblacks in their last meeting. Nichols has been a bit off since injuring his finger…likely tender…but that should be getting better. Not sure what you mean by the Bombers being “hurt”…is that because their 6 game IRL recently went to TWO? I’d call that a pretty damned healthy team…I mean Dressler is back now and will be in the swing of things for the playoffs as well and Adams will be ready along with Legget…meaning they are potentially missing Flanders…Westerman has been out all season.

Redblacks have beat with 1 team with a winning or near winning record…the Riders…in a game that the Riders rather dominated and absolutely fell apart for 6 minutes.

Is this supposed to be a built in woe is we prep speech building up in case they lose?

Nobody sees the Bombers as a walkover and nobody is throwing a game. You know that neither of the Esks not Riders coaches are anywhere near built in a fashion that they could stomach throwing a game…hit the playoffs winning…that is always the goal. You think the Esks are going to remotely consider throwing one when they could still potentially host a playoff game at this point? C’mon man.

This is a rather ridiculous rant.

I can’t speak for the Esks game day Roster as it is not up yet…but what exactly are the Riders doing, as you suggest, for sitting players? Roosevelt recently got a head hit (ground) again so the right thing to do is sit him, injured or not. That’s really the only critical guy sitting at this point.

Also…win or lose tonight does not assure anything for playoffs…only if they lose and the Esks win over the Stamps

I’ve been a bit critical about some of the asshatery of comments Durant has made of late, but this one was taken severely out of context. It is shameful cherry picking clickbait.

Vanstone: Darian Durant deserves the warmest response | Regina Leader Post. Rod should be ashamed and people should, at this point, be ignoring him…all he has been doing for some time is stirring pots and spitting on any attempt of good journalism as ratings > ethics for him, apparently.

Some fair points DePop - but some factual errors, too. Sure, Bombers had Mr. Dressup & Wild come off the 6 game but Westerman is done for the season (declaration by team and the big undisciplined guy himself). Leggett had surgery for his ruptured Achilles - he won’t be back for the playoffs - might not even be back for start of training camp next year - arguable the blue’s best defensive player (smartest and surest tackler to be sure). Losing two stalwart hogs last game (Travis Bond in-game and Jer Harddick in-practice) means Paddy Neufeld and Fokati enter the fray.
Flanders’ hamstring still bugging him - who knows when he’ll be ready or whether he’ll have any spring to his jump when he does.
Harris has been encircled by opposition forces and won’t reach his 1000/1000 goal but that shouldn’t be the bombers goal anyways.
Nichols istenderbut missing battered WR Darwin Adams - Matt’s current core of WRs cannot stretch the field so he’ll be limited to mostly dink 'n dunk offense plus Harris being focused upon cuz no one else exists.
Finally, bombers don’t present a serious threat at their critical MLB spot - with the fanboy Hurl being rostered and being fawned upon by bomber tall foreheads (fans hate that false praise, even neutered bomber fans)

So while the 6 game has been reduced - - - the bombers are hurtin’, hurtin’ bad - and will only win if Jon Jennings barfs up a JJ Special w/ lots of picks, pic 6s, incompletes and bad decisions.

Durant clearly stated he expects a standing ovation. Sure there was a longer conversation but it doesn’t change the fact that HE EXPECTS a standing ovation.

Lets not forget what Durant said Week#1 SSK @ MTL when Crapina missed a last second chipshot Field Goal to give MTL or should I say Durant the win!

" I feel like the football gods came through for myself and my football team in this game. I really believe it.?

God owed it to him, He deserved it. :o

Um…yeah…that is what i said with the 6. Couple guys off like dressler and westerman on qand has been…like I said.

Legit is not the best defender. Not even best in secondary…that would be Heath.

So yeah…down a guy who has been out for much of the season…an import OG who is one of the best in the league but as an import as OG very replaceable…a good guy in the secondary but not their best and a very good but still supporting RB in Flanders.

Show me a team that does not have at minimum similar

The Riders put the first major on the board.

Hopefully next year the Riders will get back to playing Saturday or Sunday afternoon games only after labour day .

Good home victory for the Riders, and Darian Durant was yanked. Outperformed by a rookie in Darian's first appearance back where he demanded $450K or he walks.

Today was a good day.

Good day for riders and good day for durant who only left the game so Montreal could try out other quarter backs, but Darian was recognized for what he was by the organization, and that’s the way they seen it to. Now that’s done and out of the way we can all move on, good job by Durant and the riders brass.


I thought the Reed was generous with his time. Apparently <50% and on pace for 260 is a positive standard?

On his first drive, Shiltz the rookie outperformed Darian on the night. This needs to be Montreal’s plan moving forward.

Agree Iconic, he looked pretty decent, Shiltz as you say.

Nice to see Owens have a great game.

Really!!! Doubles was 9/20 45%, Shiltz was 5/13 38.5 % I am starting to suspect you use to go by the handle… Greenrider as he like you hated DD… LOL Think what you will but Doubles is still a good QB, but the Al’s like us a few years ago need to fix all the woe’s!!

Exactly, when dad gets with a decent team he will do fine, you can see it in his play, these are nothing games, their just going to finish off and see what next year brings. Maybe he goes to Edmonton ? Wouldn’t that be something.

I mean dd. No he’s not my dad