GDT: Als @ ORBs

It’s Ottawa’s Grey Cup tonight, against the Als backups. Can they show a little heart and knock off their rival in front of their home crowd on this, the final game of their season?

Or will the Montreal backups be fighting for some playoff reps as they manhandle their hapless rival?

Getcha popcorn ready.

At some point, Ottawa’s horrible losing streak has to end. I think this might be the game. Montreal is resting a bunch of starters and trying to stay healthy for the playoffs. Ottawa wants to end the season on some kind of positive note. I’d give it to Ottawa in a close one.

Montreal could dress a bunch of people off the streets and still beat the redblacks. Not because Montreal is that good, but because Ottawa … is … that … bad.

Will do!

I see that LeoVegas has installed the Alouettes as nine point favourites.


What are the Windsor odds?

There’s a als fan with a power horn in the stands. Really annoying. Are they allowed in the CFL?

TSN graphics give Als a touchdown after they get sacked .

Adams taken out for the upcoming playoff game .

Good move .

Late hit on Davis should have been called.

So yesterday evening the Redblacks’ had their biggest offensive “explosion” since the second game of their season against the Roughriders back in July. A very big part of their success was the fact that Brad Sinopoli was targetted 10 times catching 8 for 100 yards. Why the RedBlacks brain trust wasn’t targetting him before this is the mystery.

My guess is right now if you pay for a ticket, you can pretty much do anything short of showing up naked ;D

Because Sinopoli is Canadian and the brain trust is American. They know better than us…besides that they regard him as expendable.

The TSN panel trashed Desjardin’s as a GM managing a negative atmosphere where results get you nothing in terms of stability or building a legacy .

Nice pic of the Concordes vs riders. I wonder who would win if they played today…this years REDBLACKS or scambania’s cords?

Well Brad Sinopoli was resigned to a two-year contract yesterday together with fellow CanadiansAlex Mateas, Brendan Gillanders, JP Bolduc and Nigel Romick.