GDT: Als @ ORBs

Both of these teams were pretty awful last week.

Ottawa can't seem to finish a game, whereas Montreal can't even start one.

Ottawa won the first game between these two teams by a score of 28-18. In Quebec.

FWIW Ottawa also beat Montreal in the preseason 27-7

Game three is at the end of the month, kicking off the Labour Day Classics. That game will also be in Ontario.

Before that gawdawful fiasco in Hogtown last week, I would have said "Redblacks hands-down". But I have lost a lot of confidence in these guys. Losing a game by a few points when the whole game has been neck in neck is one thing. Blowing a 24-point lead in the last quarter and losing the game tells me that there is something seriously wrong with this team.

I will cheering for them and rooting for them to win over the Als tomorrow night but to be honest, I think it could go either way. It all depends on the Redblacks playing the full 60 minutes. While the Als are the basement team of the CFL, the Redblacks have demonstrated time and again, that they can easily snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

It should be interesting because both teams are pissed off and have something to prove.